Choose the Flattering Denim Skirts to Show Your Style

Wholesale denim is usually pretty easy to work with. It is timeless and is quite versatile on its own, which making it a fashion staple for women of all ages. In addition, denims are also quite robust which makes them perfect for any occasion.

Nowadays, denim skirts are making a huge comeback and the fashion industry is constantly showcasing its beauty and diversity. Whether you choose to shop for new flattering denim skirts or you pull your old ones from the back of the closet, there are plenty of ways for you to style them.

shestar wholesale ripped denim skirt in blue

Pick the Flattering Style Based on Body Type

Denim skirts come in a variety of types, so choose a flattering style to fit your body shape is quite important. Different style looks better on different figure. Although you can experiment at home or in the store, here are a few ways of thumb to help.

  1. Denim Skirts for Apple Shape

    Opt for a mid-length skirt with high-waist for this body shape, as it can give you a slim look to your appearance. You always see around for ideas regarding the perfect choice for you. TV shows and fashionistas and lifestyle magazines, for example. Choose a skirt that will give the appearance of a slender look. A bit of taper at the end does provide shape for the appearance.
  2. Denim Skirts for Pear Shape

    Find an A-line denim skirt for yourself, which will complement your figure best. Because your heavier bottom half and rear gets better camouflaged, and keep the length to just above or at knee level. As this will make your triangular body shape get the best performance. Probably tightly fitted skirts are not suitable for you, as they will bring out the heavy aspect. Instead consider a skirt with flares will be better.
  3. Denim Skirts for Hourglass Shape

    This figure can be said to be the most perfect, so you can easily wear any type of skirt. However, the pencil skirt will do best justice to your figure. Therefore, get this addition to your wardrobe today to accentuate your curves.

How to Style Your Denim Skirts

  1. Basic White Blouse With Buttoned A-Line Denim Skirt

    shestar wholesale color-blocking button decor denim skirt
    Styling up with a classic sweet white blouse will never let you down. Pair your denim skirts with a basic white blouse and tuck it in for a more stylish look. Here’s a fashion insider tip: opt for a white blouse with flowers inlaid as it can give you a sweet look – most especially if you are donning a fitted A-line skirt.
  2. Crop Tops With Irregular Hem Denim Skirt

    shestar wholesale irregular hem tassel trim denim skirt
    Cropped tops go very well with denim skirts in general, especially if you are going for something a bit more laid back or casual. Denim skirt is a fashion item well-known for its wide range of stylish basics. Here’s a cropped top plus denim coordinate will be your favorite!
  3. Fitting Hoodie With Ripped Raw Hem Denim Skirt

    shestar wholesale ripped raw hem denim skirt
    You can also wear your favorite mini denim skirts during cold seasons. Autumn lets you experiment with layers so if you want to give your denim ensemble a bit of more edge, then grab your favorite fitting hoodies! The white hoodie match with black mini skirt will give your look more depth and style without looking overly decorated. Great choice if you are thinking about something simple but pretty fascinating.
  4. Outerwear With A-line Pocket Denim Skirt

    shestar wholesale a-line pocket single breasted ripped denim skirt
    We usually associate denims with something super casual and well-dressed. But actually, it can also become your next work fashion staple as well. Denim skirt looks quite beautiful with pretty much any outerwear you choose to put on. Blazers, jackets, cardigans-they can all be matched. This combination is basically everything you want for your office wardrobe!

Denim skirts are very interesting to play with and although this fashion piece tends to be tricky sometimes, there are still tons of ways for you to flaunt it. Bring them all out and draw inspiration from these stylish and chic runway looks!


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