Borne by Elise Berger / Schwan Dress

That's so New YorkDespite the fact that patriotism has never been my thing, I won’t deny the fact that I do have a growing respect for the British fashion industry. Admittedly, this growing respect is somewhat of a new thought of mine and yes, you may have guessed that the reason behind this growing respect is Young British Designers – an online boutique which retails collections from both emerging and established British designer talents.

Who’d have thought, a store dedicate to Britain and Britain alone! 

Not all of the designers retailing via Young British Designers are what I would consider to be my sort of thing, yet the ratio of likeable designers and labels to that of which I’m not considerably keen on is fairly large, and in the likeable designers and labels favour too. Designers such as Charlotte Taylor, David Longshaw, Felicity Brown, Ada Zanditon, Alice Palmer and Olivia Rubin grace Young British Designers, alongside a fairly selective yet admirable handful of additional designers, whom of which all depict their own individual style and technique each and every season.
(Image Credit: Schwan Dress in Blue Black from Borne by Elise Berger)

Borne by Elise Berger is a label which has recently been catching my eye on a frequent basis – yet if you’re following the blog via Facebook, you may already be aware of that (due to my obsessive traits through frequent status updates.) 
This Schwan Dress in Blue Black from Borne by Elise Berger caught my eye in particular just a day or two ago, and although I’m pretty sure that you don’t need an explanation as to why this piece in particular fascinates me, I’m going to throw an explanation your way none the less. 
I’ll admit it – at first, it was the feather headdress which has been used in the photographing of this image which grabbed my attention, yet as my eyes moved down the image, my fascination grew vaster. First of all we have the metallic, specked detailing right across the dress. Some of you may be thinking “Metallic detailing? Please don’t tell me that we still consider that to be a favourable trend?” With various thoughts of over the top 70s and 80s club-wear in mind, yet truth be told, metallic details are still very much around, yet perhaps ... (CONTINUE READING)

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