Visual Inspection of T-shirts - Tip of the Day

How to inspect your t-shirt. Lay the garment face up on the inspection table in good light. A) Inspect the collar operation. B) Inspect the right shoulder seam. C) Inspect the right armhole. D) Inspect the right sleeve underarm seam. E) Inspect the right sleeve hem. F) Inspect the left shoulder seam. G) Inspect the left armhole. H) Inspect the left sleeve underarm seam. I) Inspect the left sleeve hem. J) Inspect the bottom hem. Turn the t-shirt over and check the back in the same manner you checked the front of the shirt. Well, that is what we suggest for a good visual inspection of t-shirts. If you follow the same procedure for every t-shirt that you inspect, you will reduce the odds of you overlocking an operation. Learn more about clothing quality assurance. Hey, if you are interested you can learn more about women's t-shirts, men's t-shirts, and children's t-shirts at my other site (

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