It’s already wedding time and you are yet to make the most happening purchase for your big day. No, I’m not talking about your wedding dress or accessories but your wedding ring. Isn’t that the highlight of the event? Yeah, I know the job is not as easy as it is said, considering hundreds of options available online. But trust me, with the tips given below, you’ll be able to pick your ideal wedding ring in no time. All you need is to follow our advice and keep calm (or you’ll grow dark circles under your eyes before the big day, and that’ll not be cool at all).

1. Decide on the Budget

After all, you are buying your wedding emblem and it’s not any regular piece of jewelry, right? You make a budget even when going out for casual shopping, or you don’t? Whatever the case is, making at least a rough estimation of your wedding band purchase will help you pick the first diamond ring your heart is stuck at. 

You can also consider alternate stones, such as a peridot ring in place of an emerald or green sapphire. Similarly, a blue spinel or blue topaz makes a good blue sapphire counterpart. So make up your mind and keep aside some of your investment for your dream ring so you don’t have any regrets later on. 

 2. Pick What’s Comfy rather than just Flashy

Yes, I know it’s your one and only wedding rings and you are looking for the best ornament to adorn your ring finger. But don’t forget to consider that you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every single day. And in the long run, what matters more is comfort and convenience and not just visual attraction, will you not agree? 

For instance, three stone emerald rings might look captivating but sporting one as a wedding ring might not be a good idea since it’s delicate and chunky. Also, you must keep your lifestyle in mind before making a deal. So, I would recommend you to find a ring that’s not quite embellished to get stuck in things, but rather subtle and sweet to take over your beloved’s heart.


 3. Consider Your Engagement Ring

No need to mention, but your engagement ring and wedding ring go hand in hand, don’t they? Some prefer to wear each rings on different hands. Others love to stack them on one finger only. If you are going to wear them separately, then it’s not that essential to keep the ring designs in mind. However, if you are planning to stack them, mixing and matching the gemstones and ring styles is very crucial. For instance, if you are considering sapphire rings with a bigger centerstone, complement them with contour wedding bands for a neat and refined look.

4. Choose a Durable Gemstone

Durability is a significant factor when choosing everyday jewelry. If you are not okay with a plain metal band and wish to accentuate it with gemstones, here’s a pro tip. Pick a gemstone that is immune to everyday wearing. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are the best nominations.

However, you can still go for their softer companions but better keep them on eggshells. For instance, emeralds are more vulnerable to break or chip because most of them are fracture-filled. So, you can’t be wearing your emerald solitaire rings while working in the kitchen or cultivating your garden, let alone pumping weights in the gym. 


5. Choose a Suitable Metal

It may sound insignificant right now, but since you’ll be wearing your wedding ring 24/7, you ought to find a suitable metal for your ring. Platinum is highly hypoallergenic and suits almost all skin types. Yellow gold in higher karats is also considered ideal in most cases. Rose and white gold, on the other hand, are alloys containing traces of nickel and copper that may cause skin irritation. 

Find out with your doctor if you have skin reactions with any metal using a patch test. If yes, avoid buying a ring in that metal otherwise your dream ring will become a living nightmare for you. Talking about durability, platinum is more suitable than gold but is also costlier than the latter, so make your choice accordingly.

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