paradigma replied to Karl Harrow's discussion What games are trending right now?
"I used to play poker a lot, too. If to try to make money - it's one thing, but if for fun - it's quite another. In the second case no special strategy of winning slots is required. If a player understands that he is paying for entertainment, this is…"
Jul 5, 2022
paradigma replied to Mary Anderson's discussion On The Quest For a Women’s Clothing Manufacturer?
"I'm always put off by the phrase "sizzling design" like here. Most often, such "sizzling design" in the advertisers' understanding is typically feminine prints that everyone is tired of. Although, I must admit that flowers and women's images on…"
May 11, 2022
paradigma replied to albert mort's discussion how to get a loan for homesteading
"This is it, just decentralized and on blockchain. A record in the share register confirms that you own a certain number of shares in a certain company. An NFT (token) record confirms... and that's where it all starts: a token can confirm quite…"
May 10, 2022
paradigma replied to Alanic Global's discussion Want Extraordinary Bulk Women’s Fashion Clothing? – Rely On Alanic Global!
"I like that you leave the client the opportunity to participate in the creation of their future thing. Actually, I don't like to buy things from collections. I'm annoyed at the thought that the dress I buy will be worn by half the city. And even…"
Apr 28, 2022
paradigma replied to albert mort's discussion Investing in cryptocurrenc
"As you may know, cryptocurrency is essentially just a code in an information system with no physical counterparts, such as electronic currencies like Webmoney or bank-issued digital cards. It may, however, be bought with real money, transferred to a…"
Mar 25, 2022
paradigma replied to albert mort's discussion Top 10 Web Design Topics
"I think there are great prospects for editing and working on photos. You can add text to a photo, add stickers, change the background. The service only provides the user with all the features with a paid subscription. In the free version, when…"
Feb 27, 2022
paradigma replied to 073naf835h8z9's discussion HOW CAN MAKE MONEY
"Is it possible to find a reliable online job?"
Feb 19, 2022
paradigma replied to wonderbeauty's discussion How to Care for Oily Skin
"I use many skincare products. My favourite brand in this category is The Ordinary. I like their facial peels and tonics best. Unfortunately, I have pretty problematic skin, so I use specific facial care. I also visit a beautician who cares about my…"
Feb 8, 2022
paradigma replied to Simmon Gray's discussion How Dental Clinics Should Be Taking Precautions Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic?
"It's a fascinating topic, actually. But as far as I know, doctors usually change gloves. And they have to do it after every client. And then there's your comment about the watch and everything else. Well, at the very least, they have to treat their…"
Feb 1, 2022
paradigma replied to Simmon Gray's discussion How Dental Clinics Should Be Taking Precautions Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic?
"It's ridiculous, doctors always wear masks and gloves all the time. Let's also ask how surgeons operate in a pandemic. That's enough. Let's better talk about how to work with gloves on and take calls on the clock from patients. А? My dentist works…"
Jan 17, 2022
paradigma posted a blog post
Hi all. Like any other territory, the cost of transferring funds to India depends on how you use them and how quickly you need the money. I have my own story on this subject. I am wary of online banking, although it has many good qualities. With…
Jan 5, 2022
paradigma replied to albert mort's discussion Sage Payroll course
"Try to directly contact payroll companies. I am sure you will agree with them if you are perseverant enough. If you like the idea, I can give you the company's website I have worked for. Here it is…"
Dec 28, 2021
paradigma replied to Mikisha Ruffin's discussion E-commerce SEO expert
"I also want to open a site that will be focused on learning (not selling) car mats. I have been doing this for a long time and would like to have a showcase on the internet. My clients are legal entities, but ordinary customers also want to order…"
Dec 2, 2021
paradigma replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Casino as a way to relax
"I know that this thread is probably dead, but I still want to share my point of view. It really depends on how you play, if you do it with the purpose of making money off it, then it most likely will bring you more damage than good, on the other…"
Apr 24, 2021
paradigma replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Where I can buy CBD oil for skin?
"I see that this thread is pretty old but anyways I thought I could help with my advice. First off I would like to say that I think it is very good that you try CBD medication, nowadays, everything is full of chemicals, especially in the…"
Apr 24, 2021
paradigma commented on Pink & Blue India's blog post Elegant Red Party Wear Dresses for Baby Girl
"Red is the best choice for a girl's clothing.Most often they find beautiful outfits on Miami one year baby girl outfithere you will find a wide variety of high-quality and stylish models.The child feels very good in these outfits and attracts all…"
Mar 17, 2021
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