paradigma replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Casino as a way to relax
"I know that this thread is probably dead, but I still want to share my point of view. It really depends on how you play, if you do it with the purpose of making money off it, then it most likely will bring you more damage than good, on the other…"
Apr 24
paradigma replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Where I can buy CBD oil for skin?
"I see that this thread is pretty old but anyways I thought I could help with my advice. First off I would like to say that I think it is very good that you try CBD medication, nowadays, everything is full of chemicals, especially in the…"
Apr 24
Jerry Woodson commented on Mellina's blog post How Movies Have Always Helped Us With Fashion?
"i enjoy watching movies online after a tiring day of work"
Apr 15
Antony Brown replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Successful women in gambling?
"Hey, gambling is usually a type of activity more concentrated on men than on women, but you can anyway find a lot of women in this industry. Even yesterday, when I had a poker game on แทงบอล, one of the players was a 40 years old woman. As far as I…"
Apr 12
Jerry Woodson replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Successful women in gambling?
"I don't know anyone"
Apr 12
Zak I Carey replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion What is bad about plastic surgeries?
"I say "my body, my choice" - I agree with this quote. Everyone does what they want to their face and body. I love natural beauty but I am also not against plastic surgery. And if we look at this from another perspective, some people need it due to…"
Apr 7
Jerry Woodson commented on Gamer Boy's blog post Natural Ways To Clean Your Dirty Carpets And Rugs
Mar 24
Jerry Woodson commented on serebrish grey's blog post What's important when choosing a YouTube converter
Mar 24
Jerry Woodson commented on Maria Foster's blog post Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars
"interesting article"
Mar 19
Jerry Woodson replied to Paul's discussion Cyber Security
"First of all, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or…"
Mar 17
Jerry Woodson commented on Dolvlashes's blog post Enhance Your Knowledge Regarding Eyelash Extensions
"nice article!"
Mar 10
Robert Johnson replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Where I can buy CBD oil for skin?
"I think I know what youre referring to. Its common for your skin to react with spots or rashes after getting food poisoning so you should be too worried about them not going away, You should however focus on building your immune system and making…"
Feb 27
Jerry Woodson replied to JOhn's discussion New diet plan
"Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM."
Feb 19
Jerry Woodson commented on Chris Nie's blog post What is the production process of making clothing?
"Yep, several steps in the production shown above could have increased productivity and quality if properly automated. I was a technician at a cloth factory that relied on people for the most part to manufacture the goods, but after automating…"
Feb 18
Jerry Woodson commented on Stella Jons's blog post When Should I Call A Plumber
"I always call a plumber when there are even minor damages. I always get stressed if something brokes so it is better to call a plumber. I usually reach a professional plumber that works alone instead of a company specialized in this. It is a money…"
Feb 10
Jerry Woodson commented on Emily's blog post How to Choose Birthday Gifts
"thank you for the tips!"
Feb 1
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