Jerry Woodson commented on Mellina's blog post How Movies Have Always Helped Us With Fashion?
"i enjoy watching movies online after a tiring day of work"
Apr 15, 2021
Jerry Woodson replied to Jerry Woodson's discussion Successful women in gambling?
"I don't know anyone"
Apr 12, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Gamer Boy's blog post Natural Ways To Clean Your Dirty Carpets And Rugs
Mar 24, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on serebrish grey's blog post What's important when choosing a YouTube converter
Mar 24, 2021
Jerry Woodson replied to Paul's discussion Cyber Security
"First of all, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or…"
Mar 17, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Dolvlashes's blog post Enhance Your Knowledge Regarding Eyelash Extensions
"nice article!"
Mar 10, 2021
Jerry Woodson replied to JOhn's discussion New diet plan
"Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM."
Feb 19, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Chris Nie's blog post What is the production process of making clothing?
"Yep, several steps in the production shown above could have increased productivity and quality if properly automated. I was a technician at a cloth factory that relied on people for the most part to manufacture the goods, but after automating…"
Feb 18, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Stella Jons's blog post When Should I Call A Plumber
"I always call a plumber when there are even minor damages. I always get stressed if something brokes so it is better to call a plumber. I usually reach a professional plumber that works alone instead of a company specialized in this. It is a money…"
Feb 10, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Emily's blog post How to Choose Birthday Gifts
"thank you for the tips!"
Feb 1, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Julia Gomes's blog post How Do You Choose the Reliable Introduction Agency?
"Well this is something weird for me. I don’t imagine myself looking for an agency that will find me a suitable partner. I am more a fan of the dating apps. I believe that it’s just me that could find the perfect partner for me. I had such problems…"
Feb 1, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Hector Saba's blog post Tips to Hire the Best AC Technician Near me
"I need a good specialist in this domain now."
Jan 28, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Lilly Borthwick's blog post What it means to be a mixed-race model in Japan
"Unfortunately, even now this is a huge problem. Stereotypes and race differences are attacking this word and are making people terrible. Even IF sometimes it feels like racism is gone and everything took a big step to change, are moments when this…"
Jan 22, 2021
Jerry Woodson replied to JOhn's discussion Steroid/Cortisone injections for back pain
"I also have ugly back pain and I was close to take steroid injections but in the end, happily, I change my mind. One of my mom's friend wich is a nutritionist and a naturalist fan, she convinced me to try natural solutions to treat my back. Of…"
Jan 22, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Melissa Winter's blog post Understanding Key Points to Heighten Mobile Apps Productivity
"Me as an online customer and at the same time occasional seller like to monitor every deal and shipping status. This information to be linked in the app on smartphone and by possibility in the plug-in inside the browser. When it comes to offerup vs…"
Jan 21, 2021
Jerry Woodson commented on Sandra Boatwright's blog post Want to grow your YouTube channel? We have some tips
"Hmm, useful tips! It can really help people, not even the beginners. I know some Youtube guys that have some hard time growing their channel, and I'll send them these tips to understand their mistakes :D I know that people nowadays don't have the…"
Jan 19, 2021
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