Ruth Lyons posted a discussion
I'm a senior citizen looking for a math tutor to help me with basic math and arithmetic for my daily life. Can you recommend a patient and experienced tutor who can help me with this?
Ruth Lyons replied to rekka roy's discussion How important are software and mobile apps for business development?
"Hello. ML stands for Machine Learning as a Service. The simple definition of ML is machine learning technology brought in from another business.
Using ML means that the calculations are done outside your company - you pay for the machine learning…"
Jan 22
Ruth Lyons replied to Abbott Ray's discussion CNC Machining vs Casting
"SYIL X7 CNC machine is specially designed to work with heavy machines The innovative and reliable design allows cutting even the hardest materials. It has the best built-in standard features for excellent surface cutting…"
Dec 27, 2022
Ruth Lyons posted a discussion
O que é considerado apostas on-line?
Dec 15, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to rekka roy's discussion why do you like playing online casinos?
"If you're looking for a good casino to trust for a long time. I can advise you what I myself have used many times and continue to use. This casino. It has a lot of useful information for both beginners and…"
Nov 28, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to halonerve's discussion How to dress well as a lady
"I will help you choose womens cocktail dresses, or rather where to choose them, but you can choose here . The prices are very reasonable, inexpensive and high quality, my sister…"
Nov 27, 2022
Ruth Lyons posted a discussion
There are no free betting tips sites that are good and bring profit! As someone who has tried at least 50 free betting tips sites, I can guarantee you that it makes no difference whether you follow their FREE tips or bet yourself.
Nov 20, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Allisson's discussion What is the best times and days to gamble at a casino?
"Hello, at first glance, absolutely all sites with online casinos, slots and slot machines seem safe, reliable and attractive. But choosing a gambling site requires close attention to certain criteria and characteristics. If you decide to play in an…"
Nov 18, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Adel New's discussion I’m looking to buy a gold chain, what do you think is this
"Yes, I like it, and I think that it's the best way of shopping for me. Online you can find anything faster, and there are more items to choose from. I always buy clothes, accessories, and jewelry online. It saves time significantly and online you…"
Oct 24, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Adel New's discussion How good is it to buy fashion earrings jewellery through online platforms?
"I love wearing jewelry and can't leave the house without it. I used to buy everything in Pandora and other popular shops, but I wouldn't say I like it when someone wears the same ring or necklace. So, I decided to order jewelry online. I tried a lot…"
Oct 20, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Adel New's discussion How popular is a sport betting in your country?
"The topic of making money is quite common these days. Nowadays everyone wants to make easy money and do nothing. I can tell you that there is no easy money and you have to work very hard to earn a stable income. I personally do not find my job quite…"
Oct 19, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to vvmetattoo's discussion new fashion era---tattoo industry
"Hi! Tattoos can be painful and time consuming. An anesthetic cream makes the procedure less painful. This cream contains 5% lidocaine, which makes the ink feel pain-free and can last up to four hours. This is the perfect…"
Oct 14, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Jade Michele Griffin's discussion Selling shoe designs to get financing to start my own business
"Hello! Depending on the nature and needs of your business, a microtasking partner can be the perfect way to streamline operations and expand your reach. More importantly, it can increase your business agility by allowing you to look to the future…"
Sep 28, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to Your Fit Box's discussion Fitness And Workout Related Boxes-Workout Clothes Subscription Box
Apr 13, 2022
Ruth Lyons replied to anupriyadesaint's discussion Naturopathy treatment is the best solution for any diseases
"My friend takes Prozac and he buys it with a prescription in a pharmacy for a lot of money and these pills are not always available in pharmacies, but he needs to take them at a certain time and when they are not there, he needs to go to look for…"
Nov 25, 2021
Ruth Lyons replied to Antony Brown's discussion Online gambling
"Hi! I understand your concerns, myself when I started my adventure in the world of online gambling is very worried and was skeptical of all kinds of online casinos. As it turned out there are sites to help us. Such as a wonderful aggregator, I found…"
Sep 28, 2021
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