Women’s Jersey Dress

Over the years, wholesale jersey dresses have been too common in girls' wardrobes. It can be seen that the basic models are almost an important part of the clothes in everyone's wardrobe. For girls can be matched with any clothes as long as they are picked out and they will look fashionable. Sometimes an ordinary jersey dress can also create many different popular changes!


As always, the elegant jersey dress is not only self-cultivating and comfortable but also very powerful in covering the flesh and thinning. It shows the temperament and the figure. Wearing a graceful line, the waist section is just right to lengthen the body proportion, and it shows the feminine gentleness and romance. On the other hand, it turned into a good partner for the coat and jacket.


Wear it with elegance and temperament. A tight jersey dress is a must-have. The light-colored jersey dress in the picture below matches a dark coat. There is also a combination of an orange jersey dress and long down jacket, with black short boots, for a self-cultivation style.


When it comes to dressing, European and American girls are better in terms of basic clothing matches. They have a more meticulous grasp of the basic styles, which is worth learning. Remember that the basic color items are important. Like black, white, gray, and earth tones, these colors are enough for you to wear for several seasons and not counting the mix and match. And they are also the classic and fashionable colors that endure.


Layering is basically one of the key points that repeatedly emphasized in all wearing styles. First of all, we wear clothes to control our clothes, not to let them control us. So we must choose the clothes that suit us. Otherwise, you will be controlled by clothes. Second, there are levels through the contrast of color depths and so on.

770972cadb0f36ed568285ddd0b1bbae.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xThird, clothes must have their own tips for matching. It depends on the specific situation. For example, the tops are tied into the bottoms, the sleeves of the shirts are rolled up, and the trousers are curled. Wait for the skills to be learned. Can better increase the sense of hierarchy.

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