Many people often have no personal opinion or fall into certain misconceptions when it comes to choosing clothes, which can lead to a situation where they are often wrong. However, for women who want to reflect their own strengths through dressing, when using a jacket, it is more important to pay attention to its shape and its colour. You can keep the following "three don'ts" in mind to avoid the risk of showing fat and reduce the loss of temperament.

1, the outline design of the jacket should not be too soft

For women with thick shoulders and a less-than-slender figure, in the selection of the jacket, do not choose the type of material too soft, such a jacket does not have a shape to reflect, it is easy to put their shoulders wide back thick waist thick deficiencies, the complete embodiment of the whole body shape is not conducive to the three-dimensional construction. Compared to other items, the suit brings the strongest sense of stiffness, and it can also bring women a right-angle shoulder experience through a very straightforward shape setting.

In the case of this short corduroy suit, the design is not too heavy and the colour construction is very versatile and sensual.

The suit is definitely an excellent garment to enhance a woman's temperament and strengthen the thin effect construction, but in terms of matching often many people always use the same old methods, making its modelling composition old-fashioned and without any novel features.

Often using different combinations can make a lot of clothing single style to disintegrate. Like this darker blue blazer, under which you can match a hooded sweatshirt in the same darker colour, not only injecting layers, but also age-defying.

The key to a bloated silhouette for women lies in the fact that the whole figure is more rounded and without the embodiment of a bumpy line, it is easy to look obese.

In fact, the choice of jacket can effectively avoid the risk of fat, especially dark colours + three-dimensional version of the construction, can enhance the creation of a sense of thinness. This black small suit, wear it without too much restriction, keep slightly loose version, accommodate the inner wear can be.

2, the formation of the jacket do not drag too much

The embodiment of women's spirit is also closely related to their dressing, of which the choice of jacket will also be more important than the inner wear some, because it will be shown in a large proportion of people's vision, on the success of the modeling or not plays a decisive role. Don't drag your coat too much, as this is to prevent your height from supporting the piece. A jacket in a shorter design will be more friendly to people of all heights.

This blazer, for example, has a fresh colour, brings a great sense of simplicity and is able to have a more distinctive character than a normal design.

There are many different styles of short jackets, some of which are smart and fresh, while others are fresh and age-appropriate, and denim jackets are the latter. There is no limit to the type of colours that can be used, as long as they are versatile.

This beige denim jacket is a great way for women in their forties to look generous. The design is simple and streamlined, and the colour has a great compatibility advantage, so you won't be tied down when choosing your underwear.

The denim jacket actually has a place in the fashion world, but many women in their forties think it's for young girls and are a bit afraid to try it. It's actually the colour that determines whether you can handle the garment, so you can put aside any other concerns and be bold.

Like this denim jacket, its colour is also very simple, the choice of inner wear can maintain the characteristics of vitality, which will be able to reduce the effect of showing young several times.

3, the colour of the jacket should not be more

The fall season will put the stacking method into practice, so the colour of the jacket does not need too much, even if the use of a single colour system, but also completely able to get rid of monotonous features.

This is a long black trench coat, it is a piece for all ages, and no matter how tall or short, fat or thin, you can try. It's just that shorter people wear it differently and try to open it up to make it taller.

Everyone's preference for colour is different, some people like the security and thinness that comes with a dark colour, others like the distinctive character that other shades can create.

Military green is actually a somewhat neutral shade, not overtly feminine and far from the word elegance, but it can bring the most forthright temperament and maximum style to a woman's outfit.

Once the colour is chosen, it's all about the shape. Compared to a long, smoothly set trench coat, a zip-up hooded sweatshirt will look a lot more casual.

The presence of a zipper allows it to retain its two-wear usage. Even when paired with a formal black shirt, it won't look out of place.

Women in their forties don't always have to dress themselves up in a mature and solid way when picking a jacket, but can use a variety of styles to give their personal look a break.

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