To be safe on the road as a cyclist even in rain and wet in the changeable spring and to stay dry, the right rain gear for the bike is essential. We show sensible rain protection from clothing to mudguards.


"There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only wrong clothing," they say. Especially on the bike, where you cannot protect yourself with an umbrella when it rains, it is important to have the right equipment. However, this is not limited to rainwear, the bike should also be properly equipped. We show you which rain gear makes sense for your bike to always be safe and dry on the road.


Rain gear for the bike: the right clothing from head to toe

If you want to cycle from A to B even in bad weather, you should have the appropriate clothing with you.


Practical rain poncho

The rain poncho for the bike offers comfortable all-around protection from head to knee. According to the manufacturer Hock, it is 100 percent waterproof. The reflective elements and the side viewing windows in the hood, which do not restrict your view, ensure safety. The poncho is also cut particularly wide in the handlebar area, which prevents blockages when steering and accidents.


The low weight, the sewn-in handles at handlebar height, and the hip strap with which the rain cape can be individually and precisely attached to the body are practical. So the poncho doesn't flutter in the wind while driving. Another plus is the front inner pocket, in which a smartphone and keys can be stowed. If it is dry, it can also serve as a space-saving storage bag for rain protection.


Comfortable rain jackets

Instead of a rain poncho, you can also use weatherproof functional jackets as practical rainwear. These have the advantage that they can also be worn for other outdoor activities.


The Jack Wolfskin cycling jackets are, however, perfectly designed for cyclists: they are cut a little longer at the back so that the back is completely covered even when cycling leaning forward. In addition, the hood is big enough that the bicycle helmet can fit underneath. Reflective tape details ensure better visibility.


The zippered jackets are not only waterproof but also breathable. So you don't break a sweat even when driving faster. The Atlas Tour JKT rain jacket by Jack Wolfskin for women and men is available in different colors. If you don't like them, you can read in this article about functional jackets which models were able to score points at Stiftung Warentest and are therefore also recommended.


Comfortable rain pants

If you don't wear a rain poncho and prefer to wear a rain jacket, you have to protect your legs for cycling, otherwise, your thighs, in particular, will get wet. Rain pants are simply pulled over normal clothing and protect them. They are therefore particularly light and of course also breathable.


According to the manufacturer, the women's model from Regatta is permanently water-repellent. It scores with an elastic waistband and sealed seams. The breathable trousers can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine. The only drawback of these rain pants: You have to do without reflectors.


The Vaude model for men, on the other hand, has reflective elements for better visibility. These rain pants are also waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It is also environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials.


Overshoes for dry feet

Anyone who regularly travels by bike knows that when it rains you not only get wet from above, but also from splashing water from the street or other road users. Therefore, weatherproof jackets or rain ponchos are not enough to get through the traffic dry. Feet in particular remain unprotected even when wearing a rain poncho.


The practical overshoes from Vaude provide a remedy: Strip them over the shoes to keep feet dry and, thanks to their light color and reflectors, ensure additional safety. They completely cover the shoe and ankle so that rainwater has no chance.


Alternatively, you can of course use rain pants that protect your shoes at the same time. This also has the advantage that you have to carry less rain gear with you.


Rain cover for the bicycle helmet

In the broadest sense, rainwear also includes a helmet cover: If you wear a helmet, which we recommend to all cyclists, you can protect it, for example, with the waterproof cover from BTR. This keeps your head dry and you are more visible thanks to the reflectors. The cover is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and available in numerous colors. Thanks to the cord, it can be adapted to any bicycle helmet so that it does not slip.


Rain gear for the bike: matching luggage

If you cycle to work, you have to transport your laptop or documents, for example. But also privately you almost always have your smartphone, keys, and other everyday items with you. To store these safely and, above all, dry, even in rainy weather, waterproof bags or backpacks are essential for cyclists.

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