It usually means that you're able to apply new XP Counter to compute your XP under the"Metrics" tab of this RuneMetrics menu. However, several of you aren't happy with the newest XP tracker, and telephone for Jagex to return the older one. Or give you choice between the old and new tracker. Remember to purchase Cheap OSRS Gold on RSorder so you can boost your XP efficiently.

Why should the new XP tracker be transferred?

1. It is hard to use since the icons are on the wrong side, the XP drops do not exist, according the some gamers' description. In addition, it kept cluttering itself far too many skills, and it only felt annoying to have to handle it.

2. It glitches all the time and tells me that I have more/less at a skill where I actually have (Ex: it seems that I have 10m in summoning when I do not, I really do in power ),one of the players said. And a few fixes just take more time to execute.

3. Some of you would like to have a long-term tracker.

In all honesty, Jagex alters the old XP tracker so that it may make things easier. So, why not take some opportunity to find out the new system? Due to some glitches, it is better to bring back the retro version until the newer one operates reliably. The only thing I'd ever want from the brand new one is the ability to left or right align the icons, together with the XP drops for the individual abilities which they're coming out with soon. A participant advised. In the event the new XP Counter changes, it would be better than today without doubt.

Meanwhile, you can make it look almost exactly like the old one, and even restrict the amount of icons to include as many or as few as you want. It isn't that hard to go into the RuneMetrics settings/Edit Mode to alter this.

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