Engagement rings all around the world signify the promise of marriage, commitment, devotion, and love for your significant other. It is a unique symbol of faithfulness, perfection, and loyalty! Traditionally, diamonds have made their way to the top of the chain as the center stone for an engagement ring. In the new millennium, the brides have been making heads turn by choosing bold color gemstones. Infact, Princess Diana’s 12ct blue sapphire ring made the headings which initiated the trend of using different gemstones as the centerstone in the engagement ring.

The king of gemstones, Ruby is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. It comes from the mineral corundum, the same as its sister stone sapphire. On the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies score 9 out of 10, alongside sapphires making it the second hardest gemstone. With such a high durability these gemstones can be used on a day to day basis set in fine pieces of jewelry.

The brides of today have fallen in love with the red hues of this gemstone and have made it one of the primary gems to be used as a center stone for the engagement ring. We have listed the reasons why ruby is an excellent choice for your engagement ring! 

The Second Hardest gem

From celebrities like Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry to the queen of England, the who’s who of fashion adore their gemstones and love to flaunt them. Ruby, as mentioned previously, is famously known for its hardness and high durability and can be used on a day to day basis. Because of its high durability people like to invest money in these gemstones as they are the perfect accessories that can be passed on as legacy in the family.    




As an engagement ring, ruby makes for the perfect choice not only because of its stunning shades but also because of their inheritable value. GemsNY believes that just like rubies, the customer is the king and therefore we have kept a wide range of engagement rings for you  to choose from. We are sure you’re going to find your dream ring here. Explore our ruby engagement ring section here.


The red hue of rubies tend to symbolize passion and love, power, wisdom, wealth and health. The royalties of the world love to adorn the red gems and hence it depicts power and wealth as the two things it brings to its wearer. It is regarded as the stone of success, with respect to marriages rubies are said to bring in good luck and endow a great marriage with a lot of passion and love binding the two partners.

Ruby’s symbolisms are definitely the driving force for many brides to adorn the king of gemstones as their mark of foreverness. Have you made up your “dream engagement ring” decision yet? 

Color and Hues

Ruby comes from a latin word, ruber which means red. When the mineral corundum is mixed with a trace element chromium it gets its ravishing red color that we so truly adore. Rubies have earned their name in the world mostly because of its stunning red hues. The color of this gemstone is the driving factor for all the people who have fallen in love with it. Pigeon blood red hue is the hue that is very popular among the collectors of the world, it is because this shade of ruby has the richest red color without it being overly dark.




The red hues and shades of ruby is one of the main reasons for the brides to choose it as the centerstone for engagement rings. GemsNY has a range of all the shades rubies come in, from the rich pigeon blood red to medium shades of red to very light shade of red. 

We are sure that these reasons are as solid as a ruby and have helped you to choose a ruby engagement ring as your forever accessory!

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