When two different fibers combine it gives birth two different fabrics which persist the qualities of its parental fabrics or we can say unique properties. This leads to a fabric that is easier to clean, care, and is more comfortable. The most common example of blended fabric is cotton- polyester. Cotton, although it is comfortable to wear gets wrinkled easily whereas polyester, on the other hand, is wrinkle-free when both get combined it results in a fabric that is highly comfortable and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Apart from cotton and polyester, other examples of blended fabric are nylon/wool, nylon/ acetate. ramble/polyester, linen/ cotton etc.

Benefits of brief made in blended :


  1. Mens brief underwear, when crafted in blended fabrics, becomes extremely comfortable


Men's brief is one of the most comfortable forms of lingerie and when they are designed in blended fabrics such as cotton and polyester, the percentage of comfort raises. Cotton and polyester blending is one of the best collaboration ever had because not only it makes your lingerie comfortable but makes it affordable as well as fiber of polyester is cheaper than cotton.


  1. The performance of men's brief becomes better when they are made in fabrics that have been fused.


Different fibers are fused to produce better performance. Brief underwear for men is known for its great support system. Although one can experience that same support in polyester or nylon based mens underwear when they are designed infused fabrics, performance becomes better.

To get the best out of blended fabrics, it's great if you consider having cotton-polyester underwear as poly is known for its performance" qualities, like wicking and quick-dry properties, so may be added to make the cotton absorb sweat better.


  1. Brief for men enhances your front profile.


This form of men's lingerie works on the front profile. Fused fabrics enhance the fabric's touch and feel and its appearance as well. one can feel that if touch fabric which has been derived from the combination of wool fibers and polyester. Not only that but when cotton and viscose come together they enhance the luster and softness of fabric therefore one meets a fabric that is great in appearance. 


  1. They have good ventilation to offer. 


Mens brief underwear has the potential of offering you great ventilation because it's short and covers the genitals leaving the rest of the area open. Not only that, but it's good for men's fertility as well it doesn't raise the temperature down there. When your brief underwear for men is crafted in mixed fabrics, it works as a cherry on the cake.

  1. Brief underwear designed out of fused fabrics is stronger than brief based out of single material.


Cotton is a natural fabric that makes it skin-friendly and breathable form of material but its biggest drawback is that when it's in %100 state it might wear out or rip out easily. Besides that, underwear made out of 100% cotton needs extra care compared to other fabrics. But when combined with other fabrics such as polyester, it becomes stronger and kind of easy to take care. Polyester makes it highly durable.

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