Moissanite promise rings for her

Is it appropriate to propose or present a women’s moissanite ring as a promise jewel?

This is the perfect option for those who are environmental advocates. It is the most eco-friendly and ethical stone — not mined in nature, totally a completely man-made product. Additionally, its appearance is indistinguishable from that of a natural diamond. A women’s moissanite engagement ring is just such a piece of jewelry. The best diamond alternative ever! This artificial stone’s durability is almost as high as that of a diamond. You can wear it for years without worrying about scratches, chips, and so on. Therefore, you can wear a 14K rose, yellow, or white gold teardrop, or round-cut engagement band every day, without having to save it for a special occasion — the ideal stone for casual jewelry.

Why are moissanite promise rings for girlfriends an excellent choice?

Another argument in favor of promise bands is their affordable price. It’s significantly less expensive than engagement diamond jewelry. For example — a 1-carat moissanite band engagement will cost from 500 to 800 dollars. And small elegant bands from 170 to 500 dollars. Moreover, as a rule, the larger the carat in the band, the more noticeable the price difference becomes. If you want a diamond promise band alternative but want to save money for travel or other enjoyable things, buying promise jewelry is an excellent option. Without specialized equipment, it is impossible to distinguish a brilliant analog from a diamond. Regardless of the size — it will be a 1 mm dainty wedding band or a 5-carat engagement jewelry.

Where to buy moissanite rings?

It will be better to buy moissanite rings from trusted jewelers. On large marketplaces, there are stones at a low price, but unfortunately, these are always not of very high quality. If you want to get high-quality moissanite rings, then it is better to buy from brands that value their reputation and will not use artificial minerals of not very good quality. After all, the appearance of moissanite rings depends 100% on the quality of the raw materials used. For our jewelry, we use stones of the highest quality and the best cut, which is why they shine like diamonds.

Which is better 2-carat moissanite ring or a 3-carat moissanite ring?

This is a good question, given the fact that such jewelry looks simply amazing and can never be distinguished from diamonds. When choosing a 2-carat moissanite ring engagement or a 3-carat moissanite ring engagement, the only thing you really need to consider is how often you will wear your engagement jewelry. Because 2-carat is a completely normal option for everyday life, even if you do some of the housework yourself. 3 carat is probably worth choosing if you won’t wear the band every day and if your job is full of manual labor. Nothing will happen to your jewelry, however, three carats on your finger is impressive. But some girls are used to wearing large jewelry daily, and if you belong to this group, then it is quite possible that the more carats the better. We will not tire of repeating that these rings look simply masterpieces.

How strong is the man-made stone?

Man-made stones are incredibly strong and durable stones. Diamonds rank a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and diamond analog lands around 9.25. Such a promise band for her will serve you well throughout your lifetime. It will retain its appearance even with daily use. A small piece of advice — choose jewelry with diamond analog in a gold or platinum setting, as this will be another factor in the durability of your promise band.


The style of promise bands can be absolutely anything. It can be a dainty and simple eternity band with stones 1 mm in size or a complex piece of jewelry with stones weighing 1 carat or more. Elegant cluster moissanite ring, pear or round cut moissanite engagement ring, crown curved or art deco wedding band, three stone or five diamond analog, new elegant flower or oval moissanite rings for her? The key to this is the price. Whatever you choose, it will be affordable and within your budget.

How to properly care for gold moissanite rings for her

Caring for gold moissanite engagement rings is practically no different from caring for diamonds. Since the characteristics, except origin, are identical. So it will be great if you have your women’s moissanite rings professionally cleaned by a jeweler from time to time. Even this can be done at home, without special equipment, using a soap solution and a soft toothbrush. Remember to check the setting of all gemstones once a year. After all, women’s moissanite rings usually contain smaller diamonds. Losing stones is always unpleasant; it is better to check their fastening as a preventative measure. We also recommend updating the rhodium plating from time to time if you choose white gold moissanite rings. This simple and inexpensive procedure will allow you to restore your jewelry to like new condition.

Gold moissanite rings

When we talk about gold engagement moissanite rings we always advise choosing 14K. And that’s why. 14K gold is the best option for everyday jewelry. Its alloy is the strongest and most wear-resistant. This is why 14K gold is almost always the choice for wedding jewelry. The price-quality ratio in this case is simply ideal. We recommend choosing 18K for jewelry for special occasions.

Are there any disadvantages to a promise moissanite ring?

As a rule, only one disadvantage is mentioned, which is the incredible brilliance. This is because the refractive index of light is higher than for a naturally mined diamond. This gives it more sparkle, and you may also notice a subtle rainbow halo surrounding the stone. But who would complain that an eternity 1-carat moissanite ring is so shiny? Moissanite promise rings are the best choice for this time!

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