What Type Of Fashion Suits On Your Body Structure

Fashion is constantly changing, and so is the human body. There are plenty of shapes and silhouettes available with the ever-changing trends. How does one effectively find the perfect outfit for their particular body type? Do you even know what your body type is? On the off chance that you don’t know what the shape of your body is, we will tell you about the most widely recognized body shapes and how you can figure out which one is yours.

Before we get to the fun part, the first thing you need to learn is that our body is continuously evolving. None of us has the same body we did ten years back. Factors such as age, pregnancy, weight gain/loss, muscle mass, etc., affect the shape of your body. So, you might be pear-shaped the last time you checked, but that may not be the case anymore.


Continue reading to see where your body currently is and also find out how to dress up according to your body type; which cuts compliment your figure and which parts to highlight. With this foolproof guide you will never not know what to wear!

Different Types Of Fashion According To The Body Structure

Fashion is all about looking great and feeling good about the way we look. Now and then there is a new trend in the fashion world, and it is not simple to realize how to adjust it according to your body shape. Every individual body is unique; what suits you might not look good on someone else. It is only because of our distinct body shape and structure that the same dress will complement every individual body differently. You can pull off every look once you know how to dress in a way that will bring out the best in your body. Go through this convenient guide to help you figure out what is your body shape and follow some simple clothing hacks to learn how to dress accordingly.


  • Pear

You are pear-shaped if your abdomen is wider than your chest and have full hips. The hips of pear-shaped women are always heavier than the upper body.8843968474?profile=original

How to dress?

Pear-shaped ladies should add oversize sweaters, skinny jeans, wide-logged jeans, flowy skirts, and ruffle tops to their wardrobe. These items make your body appear more curvy and slender.

  • Apple

Women who have an apple shaped body often have broad shoulders, large lower abdomen and not a well-defined waistline. Apple shaped women have a well-proportioned body.


How to dress?

As most of the focus is around the mid-riff and above the hips, the lower belly seems heavier than the rest of the body. Therefore, go for clothes that draw attention away from the waist and to other parts of your body. Show off your legs in short dresses with V necks. A-line and empire waist gives apple shaped women the illusion of an elongated torso.  Monochrome, pastel hues, flowy tops, and quarter sleeves will help you look slimmer.

  • Hour Glass

You realize you are an hourglass body shape if you have a well-balanced physique. This body type has the same length of torso and lower body with a noticeable waistline. Hour-glass figures are the curviest and according to statistics it is the most common one.


How to dress?

When hourglass women look for dresses, they should pick the ones which will enhance their curves. Flaunt your body in fitted dresses, body-hugging tops, and skinny jeans. Tops and dresses that flinch at the waist work best for you. Add belts to highlight the arched torso.

  • Straight

Straight shaped ladies have a modelesque figure. This body type is typically well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. However, there is not much definition of the curves. The body is lean with no bulkiness overall.


How to dress?

Straight shaped women should flaunt their arms and legs. When it comes to dressing up, they should add definition to their silhouette and show off the limbs by wearing short skirts, high waisted pants, A-line skirts, and layered tops. Pick dresses that add definition to neck and back areas. Strapless and sleeveless are your thing.

  • Diamond

The diamond shape of the body is one of the rarest. You are diamond shaped if your waist is broader than your shoulders and chest. These ladies tend to put on weight around the belly, lower back, and hips. With slender calves but thick thighs, these women have legs to die for.


How to dress?

The way to dressing a diamond body type is to adjust your bust and shoulders with your hips while enhancing your waist. This is accomplished by picking apparel which adds fullness to your chest area with suitable cuts. Pick jeans that elongate your lower body. You have sexy lower legs and lean arms, so don't hesitate to flaunt them. Buy tops that will help boost your midriff and highlight your bust. Go for off shoulders, deep neck tops, and wide V necks.

  • Full Bust

Busty ladies have wide back, full arms and soft shoulders. Their waistline is well defined and always have full breasts regardless of the overall body weight.


How to dress?

Shirts with u-neck and V-neck area will uplift your bust and make it look proportional to the rest of the body. Wear shorter outer layers and longer tank tops and T-shirts underneath. Clothing that is figure-embracing will make you look curvy without being too revealing. Stay away from chockers and very small necklines as they will make your chest appear even more prominent.

  • Small Bust

People who fall into this category have narrow shoulders and a flat or little chest area. These women have thin bodies with small hips. They look lean and slim overall.


How to dress?

Women with small busts have to make the hallucination of bends around the chest and hips.  You should use layering to shorten your long torso and create curves around the waist.  Wear high waist outfits with off shoulders, over sized coats, stripes, low cut backs, and padded busts.


Stay self-aware and educated about your body to make most of your shape, size, and structure. Knowing your body will help solve a number of your shopping nightmares. Just because a dress does not fit right or look good on you, doesn’t mean you are out of shape. There is nothing wrong with not having that perfect runway body. You can pull off any outfit if you make it work according to the shape of your body. So, keep the above mentioned tips and tricks in mind the next time you go on a shopping spree. There are plenty of online stores where you can find what fits you.Use coupons and discount vouchers to get fashionable outfits at affordable prices and flaunt your figure like never before!

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