What Time Is It? It’s Style Time

Who doesn’t like to look nice? Whether you’re dressing up for the office, planning on going to a sporting event, or running simple errands around town, it’s still nice and fun to look stylish. In fact, “style time” can take place any time of the day, no matter what event you’re taking part in. But there’s always one small fact to remember: when it comes to style and dressing hip, it’s all about the accessories you choose to wear.

What Accessories Go With What Activity?

So, you like to dress stylish, right? However, you probably also want to dress appropriately, correct? Yes, the two goals can simultaneously be accomplished with a little bit of help.

First things first: if you’re going to the office, then you need to dress like you’re going to the office, and not as if you’re going to a sport’s arena for game night. The “business look” can easily be accomplished with different types of accessories.

Try wearing a tie. Yes, ties have been around for years, but they’re still in style. The hip accessory can now be seen in a “skinny” format and comes in different colors. Better yet, pair the tie with a nice crisp dress shirt and a vest to show an even cooler, fresher side.


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Other accessories to consider for work purposes could include, but are not limited to: dress watches, cufflinks, suspenders, and, for the ladies, black high heels.

Now, if you’re going to a sporting event, then you’re most likely not going to wear a tie, vest, or heels. However, you still want to look nice and stylish, so start accessorizing!

It’s amazing to discover the different pieces of NFL apparel that can be found these days. For instances, earrings supporting any and all teams can usually be available and purchased at different stores and Macy's stores also have a wide selection.

Other accessories that could potentially show off your stylish side at football, baseball, and basketball games could possibly be ball hats or beanies, scarves (depending on the weather), gloves depicting the team emblem or mascot, socks, and even belts.  Scarves (usually the shorter and thinner, the better) are being worn by both men and women, now. And the ever-popular “fingerless” gloves are still in style and being worn by just about everyone.

The trick here is to not look sloppy and pull your entire outfit (whether you’re wearing a jersey, t-shirt, or sweatshirt) together. This goal is simply accomplished with accessories.

Dressing for everyday life is completely different than dressing for work or attending a sporting event. For example, you have more room and leeway to wear what you want when you’re roaming around town or going to the local grocery store.

Gray seems to be the color of choice this year, and it can be seen in all aspects. Again, scarves (for both men and women) are constantly being seen. What’s nice about this simple accessory is that it can be paired with a t-shirt or sweater, or even a suit jacket to conceive a more business-casual look.

Belts and boots are always fashionable. A thin belt helps tighten the entire outfit, bringing the pieces together to look trendier. And boots, well, everyone is (always) wearing boots, the higher the better!

Lastly, don’t forget about sunglasses. The bigger, aviator-type shades never go out of style, but smaller frames are beginning to make a slight come back, too. And finally, top of your wardrobe with a leather jacket, they’re here to stay . . . forever.

No matter where you’re going, there’s always a reason to look fashionable. The next time you leave the house, use it as an excuse to look stylish. Always put on your best, because you never know where they day may take you.

This is post by Anita, a writer for Macy's. She is an all-time fashion enthusiast and style guru. 

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