What Kind of Earrings Go With My Face Shape?

Trying to find the perfect pair of earrings for your face shape can be daunting. But with a little bit of style knowledge, you can pick out the perfect complement to your unique facial features. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right earrings for face shape.


Finding the Right Earrings for Round Faces.

If you have a round-shaped face structure, the key is to elongate and slim your look. The best earrings for this face shape are often long and linear designs such as hoops, dangling earrings, or chandelier styles. Additionally, you can also choose style with triangular design in order to add length to the face. Avoid short studs or heavy frames that will further accentuate the roundness of your face shape.


Choosing Earrings for Square and Rectangular Faces.

If you have a strong angular face - square or rectangle shaped - then look for earrings that help soften your features. The ideal earrings for this face shape are round, oval and even asymmetrical styles, as well as hoops and drops. Avoid straight lines and sharp shapes like squares or rectangles, which can make the face look even more angular.


Pick the Right Dangle Earrings for Heart-Shaped and Oval Faces.

Heart-shaped and oval faces work well with dangle earrings. Dangles look most flattering on these face shapes when they are wider at the bottom than at the top. This will draw attention away from the narrower upper zone of your face and help balance it out. Look for earring styles that draw attention towards your jawline and neck rather than emphasizing your cheeks or forehead.


Seek Out Studs and Hoops for Triangular-Shaped Faces.

If you have a triangular-shaped face, stud earrings are your best bet. This facial shape is characterized by a narrower forehead and fuller jawline. Studs or hoops are ideal because they draw attention away from the broader lower half of the triangle and add balance to the top of your face. Choosing an earring with an oval curve will help offset sharp angles. Look for styles that have a variety of textures, sizes, and designs to break up straight edges and keep the focus on your eyes and cheekbones.


Pay Attention to Metal Type When Accessorizing Your Face Shape

When choosing earrings, the metal you pick also plays a part and should take your face shape into consideration. For triangular faces, choose lighter metals such as silver or aluminum to create a sense of balance and give off an airy feel. On the other hand, warm metals such as gold or rose gold will soften the sharpness of your features. Depending on what type of look you’re going for, opting for mixed metals can help add subtle dimension to your hairstyle and clothing looks.

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