What is Cluster Piercing?

The latest trend in piercings is to wear multiple earrings.

This is when multiple piercings are performed in a very small area. It can often create a geometric or symmetrical shape. Although cluster piercings are possible with any type or earring, they are more common with hoops or studs.

There are many options for styling cluster piercings. From a few to dozens, there is a wide range of options. Cluster piercings are possible in any form you want. There are so many possibilities!

Cluster piercing is a popular option. Make sure you do your research to find a reputable and experienced piercer. A good aftercare routine is essential, since multiple piercings within one area may be more vulnerable to infection. Cluster piercings can be enjoyed for many years by being well-cared for and treated with respect.

Here are some inspirations for cluster piercing styles

Constellations are a popular style for cluster piercings. Multiple piercings in this style are performed in a symmetrical fashion that resembles constellation stars.


Geometric shapes are another popular form of cluster piercings. You can use any shape, including a triangle, square, star, or hexagon. You can combine multiple lines or circles over several piercings and create a simple picture.


Another popular choice is to use astrological signs. This could be anything, from a simple line indicating the zodiac sign to an elaborate design that includes multiple piercings.


A random pattern can also be used for cluster piercings. This is usually done by placing 3-4 piercings per line. However, it can also be done with multiple smaller piercings on different parts. This is a popular trend that accents other piercings in multiple ear points. This is a great way for you to share your memories or make sure that you are unique.

How to store clusters piercings

You can store your cluster piercings in many different ways. However, it's important to keep them clean and dry. It is also important to avoid any harsh chemicals and perfumes.

It is possible to keep track of each piercing by keeping them in a jewelry container in the exact same design. It might be a good idea to buy multiple small jewelry boxes to store each piercing. This will help you avoid losing pieces or mixing them up.

You should also be careful when removing cluster piercings. To avoid making multiple pieces of jewelry, make sure that each piece is made separately. Take care when removing jewelry. Don't pull or tug on the piercings.

Are you able to sleep with cluster piercings?

It can be difficult to sleep with cluster piercings in your eyes. While you're sleeping, it is important to not put pressure on the cluster piercings.

You can sleep with your cluster piercings in place by wearing a scarf or soft cotton headband over them. It will keep the piercings in place and stop them from moving. You should also ensure that the scarf or headband is dry and clean so that bacteria doesn't get into the piercings.

You can also use a soft-textured pillowcase to cover cluster piercings. It will protect the piercings from being bumped and moved around. You must ensure that your pillowcase is dry and clean so you don't spread bacteria to your piercings.

Cluster piercings allow you to express your style and personality. See our huge collection of cluster piercings on the online store.

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