What about surgical steel???

What about surgical steel?This is a topic that will cause much controversy so let me start with I have been a jeweler working with metals for 24 years. I am a gemologist and an appraiser as well. So this is my expert opinion.Surgical steel is a grade of steel that can be used in the medical field to make equipment or implants. The steel can take a high polish and retain that luster and in most cases not discolor.Surgical steel can have up to 14% nickel in it and for this reason is not as popular as it used to be in implants. This nickel can cause a rash like reaction red, goopy, blisters, bumps and itchy. It is commonly confused with an infection. If you are suffering with this reaction or a piercing that won’t heal I recommend moving into a gold, platinum or palladium TummyToy.Unfortunately, the reason that 316L surgical steel is so popular is because it is cheep. A barbell made in China with an external screw and ball will cost well under a dollar to manufacture and they do these by the hundreds of thousands. They are not designed for beauty or style but, for quickest production. That is why they fall apart and have no guarantees. A TummyToy is designed with the customer in mind. We want our jewelry visible and talked about.Your body piercings are a visible display of your personality, reflect that with what you deserve beautiful jewelry to show off and feel good about.

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