Wear reflective! Be visible to drivers

Autumn is a time of particularly dangerous for pedestrian’s road. Unfortunately, only in the past week occurred on our roads to two tragic accidents involving pedestrians. Early in the gathering dark, fog and rain greatly reduces visibility on the road.

Rybnik magistrate and police are appealing to pedestrians, to have taken care of their own safety through the use of reflective material from dusk to dawn. Although that provision requires the use of only the glare outside built-up areas encourage to use them after dark everywhere.

About how it is dangerous on our roads, sometimes even we wrote in the past week. The accidents claimed the lives of two pedestrians:

>> He's dead 15-year-old pedestrian

>> 52-year-old pedestrian invaded by a car

- Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that a small reflective element attached to the jacket or shoes can prevent the tragedy. Safety depends on us and, therefore, let us enjoy the glare our children, friends and acquaintances. Sami also not is ashamed to wear them. One small reflection can save our lives - says Soupier of Rybnik magistrate.

Reflective tape can be Trailed items to clothes, headbands, jackets and lanyards. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users.

Police advises that walking after dark, wearing a dark suit is seen by the driver of the vehicle from a distance of about 40 meters. - In contrast, a person walking, sporting reflective elements, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters and allow the driver to brake safely skip pedestrian - adds Sgt. Anna of NPM in Rybnik.

Therefore, let us remember that being a pedestrian on the road includes:

- use the designated crosswalks, and not where we easily and quickly;

- using the designated pedestrian crossings do not come at it from the "march", always make sure that this does not cause danger;

- Do not force the priority of drivers - the car does not stop at the site

- A red STOP green is the GO;

- In walking with the vehicle it is at a disadvantage in advance.

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