Most wear-go wigs have popular in the hair market, they all have features of pre-plucked, pre-cut, and pre-styles, which are the newest techniques for mostly. Here are the details about the meaning of them.


First of all, the pre-plucked

The pre-plucked wear go wigs means the wigs need to have a natural looking on lace, which experiences the process from sparse to dense, from front to back, the hair looks less but not bald, showing mostly natural hair. They are like your natural hair on the forehead.

Second, pre-cut

Pre-cut wigs wear go wig are means the lace front of the wig is cut in curves for a realistic looking under the sunlight. Many wigs in the hair market may use scissors to cut the curve lace and say it is pre-cut. However, the real pre-cut lace is used in the technique called the” hot shear process”, which has a zigzag look and more fits your head. The lace may have a raw edge because the lace is HD lace.

Third, pre-styled

When you styling for a flat looking, you need to spend your time and energy by using wax glue and heating tools to create the looking you desired. Instead, the pre-styled wear go wig can reduce the process as the hair are naturally backward, and enjoy a flat hair slit.


These features of glueless wigs are showing the convenience of wear go wigs. And the truly wear go wigs should have these features. For the newest wear go wig, may have the features of pre-blenched knots, which have smaller and brown hair knots on the lace. A truly wear go wig should be convenient for customers and solve difficult problems for wearers.

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