If you look closely enough, you will see that people's style choices closely complement their outfit choices. People like what they like of course, but there is something about someone wearing an outfit that compliments their drink choice that makes them seem that much more interesting! In this blog, we will share exactly what you should be wearing, based on your drink of choice. Think of this as elevating your look with an accessory. Except this accessory can be replenished and enjoyed in a stunning bar setting!


The Old Fashion 

If you are drinking an Old Fashion, you are bold enough to pull off a statement look. Think assertive, like a tailored jumpsuit, or perhaps even a two-piece blazer top and pencil skirt, complemented with some 6-inch heels.


The Martini 

If you love a martini, you will look amazing in a sultry-style outfit. You likely give off ‘black cat energy’ and we are here for it. Consider a backless bodycon dress to showcase your frame, paired with some thin-heeled boots to night the night away on. Or, what about a draped satin dress with a halterneck top half? It is all about showing your signature frame, as the martini glass also has a statement look.


The Cosmo 

If you love yourself a cosmo, chances are you are the life of the party. That means a maximalist look, experimenting with all styles of colour and texture. Think leather paired with silk, or fur paired with vinyl. We love a mini skirt paired with a long-sleeved going-out top and kitten heels for our Cosmo girls.


The Aperol Spritz 

If you love an Aperol spritz you probably also love sipping it whilst watching the Mediterranean Sea with a sun-kissed tan. For our Aperol lovers, we suggest a bright summer-inspired look to perfectly complement the orange hues that Aperol glasses present. Consider a burnt orange longline satin dress, paired with gold heels and a matching bag, of course. Or, we also love an off-the-shoulder look to showcase a gorgeous neckline and tan.


The Craft Beer 

If your drink of choice is a craft beer, you likely love a casual drink, in a casual outfit that just so happens to look great on you. Think jeans and a nice top, paired with heels for evening attire. Mom jeans are the go-to at the minute, so pair your favourite one with a fitted, v-neck style t-shirt. Go crazy with accessories, with large necklaces and rings to add that missing edge to this laid-back look.


Canned Drinks 

If you are the kind of person who loves to try something new off the menu each time, your style is likely malleable and appealing to just about anyone. From ready to drink cocktails to exotic canned beers, this type of drinking requires a universal style. We would suggest a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged tailored trousers, paired seamlessly with a second skin black top. Sounds boring for now, but go big with your gold jewellery to add the refined taste to your look that your taste buds have.

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