Trendy Gemstone Jewelry To Try In 2023

In this fashion-driven world, there’s always room for gemstone jewelry. The idea of beautification and jewelry pieces encrusted with precious or semi-precious gemstones are so closely associated in today’s world that you can’t expect fashion jewelry trends without them. Jewelers in the US today spare no effort in coming up with stylish jewelry pieces made with gemstones that rock the fashion world like nothing else does.
The exhilarating and artistic designs of jewelers, when coupled with the beauty and appeal of gemstones, cause a sensation in the fashion world that’s too hard to resist. If you also want to take a slice of trendy gemstone jewelry pieces that are calling the shots in the present times, you’re not alone. So, let’s learn about four of the best gemstone jewelry pieces that have taken the fashion world by storm in 2023.

Explore the best 4 Gemstone Jewelry in the Fashion World



Solitaire Sapphire Ring

Well, you might feel that you’ve been cheated after reading the title of the first trendy gemstone jewelry piece in this article because it's a classic bling that's been trending for so long. But, that’s not right, you’re not being cheated, at least not with this article. Can’t classics trend? Well, they surely can. Look, sapphire is a gemstone that has always been on the bucket list of everybody, especially women of all ages.
So, it’s evident that a sapphire jewelry piece, especially a solitaire sapphire ring, will be on top of this list. Also, the fact that this gemstone jewelry piece still remains on the bucket list of most people in 2023 can be attributed to the never-ending demand for solitaire sapphire engagement rings. People who haven’t found love yet are especially the ones who’ve brought solitaire sapphire rings on top of the gemstone jewelry trends in 2023.
Besides that, have you ever seen a solitaire sapphire ring in real? Well, if you experienced this pleasure before, you would not be doubting why this gemstone jewelry piece stands out in 2023. Solitaire sapphire rings are so imposing that you can’t help but fall in love with them every time you take a look at them. Let’s move on to the next trendy gemstone jewelry that you should try in 2023.


Emerald Tennis Bracelet

Do you know the story behind tennis bracelets and how they got their name? Well, I thought so. The tennis bracelet got its name in the year 1978. Christine Marie Evert, the American tennis player, was playing a match at the U.S. Open in 1978 when her line bracelet fell off her wrist because its clasp had broken. Worried about her bracelet, she asked for time out in order to find its missing piece before playing the next point.
After the match when she was being interviewed, the famous American tennis player called the missing piece of her jewelry the ‘tennis bracelet’. This is how the tennis bracelet got its name. Soon after this mishap that happened with Christine Marie Evert, everybody went crazy for tennis bracelets. Today, even after more than 3 decades, tennis bracelets are running the show. Thus, this gemstone jewelry piece has secured the number two position on our list.
While tennis bracelets earlier used to be fashioned with diamonds only, these jewelry pieces are now fashioned with color gemstones and combinations of color and colorless gemstones. In 2023, emerald tennis bracelets are pulling the strings. So, that’s the second item on your bucket list!

White Gold Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Next on our list of gemstone jewelry pieces that you should try in 2023 is a white gold alexandrite engagement ring. Well, it’s about time you got engaged, Karen! Jokes apart, if you’ve reached that stage of a relationship where you and your partner want to celebrate it with a tactile impression of the love that the two of you share, ask him to get a white gold alexandrite engagement ring.


You most probably would have seen many people marking their love story with an Alexandrite engagement ring by now because Alexandrite makes a great engagement ring stone. I mean, it’s got a beautiful appearance and reliable durability to be chosen as the center stone of an engagement ring. Besides that, alexandrite’s color-changing property surely makes this gemstone more than worthy for an engagement ring.
Moreover, white gold seems to be the perfect metal for this gemstone jewelry piece. That’s because the luster of this metal amplifies the beauty of alexandrite like nothing else does. Also, the unusual color change that this gemstone emanates is tough to manifest as boastfully with other metals as with white gold. So, it’s about time you gave your man a hint about proposing to you with a white gold alexandrite engagement ring. You can do so by telling him that you love alexandrite jewelry.
Or, you can simply tell him that you want a white gold alexandrite engagement ring. I mean, why not?

Tanzanite Dangle Earrings

Last but not least on our list is a pair of tanzanite dangle earrings. If you haven’t heard about tanzanite, you’re not alone. Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones and an affordable alternative to sapphire. It’s a blue to violet color gemstone that was discovered in 1967. Because of the gemstone’s relatively recent discovery, it hasn’t yet got much attention.
However, now that tanzanite dangle earrings are trending in the US in 2023, tanzanite is gaining ground. Dangle earrings are a cut above the rest. They look both elegant and stylish all at the same time. People like fashioning their dangle earrings with tanzanites because these gemstones enhance the look and feel of this type of earrings. So, it’s a must to try. Moreover, tanzanite dangle earrings are modern fashion jewelry pieces that you can pair with all types of outfits and other jewelry pieces.

The Bottom Line

These were four of the best trendy gemstone jewelry pieces that you should try in 2023. All four items on this list are making strides in the fashion jewelry world nowadays. Therefore, every bling from this list will turn heads wherever you go.


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