Traditional Bamboo Jewelry

Crafting bamboo jewelry has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. The north eastern states as well as Kerala are well known for ethnic bamboo jewelry. The process of creating the piece becomes more intricate the smaller the piece of jewelry. All kinds of fashion jewelry can be created using bamboo, right from earrings and necklaces to anklets, bracelets and bangles. Bamboo jewelry is capable of being varnished and polished to showcase its original warm yellow sheen or alternatively also absorbs dyes very well. In fact teak colored varnishes on bamboo jewelry pieces is very popular among young women. There are certain other types of accessories that are created specifically for the regional market such as bamboo hairpins, rings and good luck charms.

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Bamboo jewelry is crafted using a fine braided wire, sterling silver and cloisonné enamel that is kiln-fired. The textures and contours that can be created on bamboo jewelry are uncommon and cannot be achieved on most other base materials. Bamboo jewelry can also be mixed and matched with other materials to create a Indian jewelry items. These materials can also be beads, colorful threads, semi-precious stones and precious metals among others. Bamboo jewelry is also very sturdy and long lasting. Certain additions minimize tarnishing and enhance the appearances of the pieces. Since they are handicraft items, bamboo jewelry items are also very reasonably priced and are easily available in the open market.Bamboo Jewelry

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There has been a very strong demand for eco-friendly accessories and products, creating a huge market for bamboo jewelry. Moreover, the quality of bamboo jewelry produced in India is so high that these are also exported to countries like Singapore, Japan, Thailand, USA, Malaysia and UAE.

Besides jewelry bamboo is also used in producing ornate home décor items such as mirrors and furniture.

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