Top 5 Picks For Ruby Birthstone Jewelry



Glistening and enchanting, rubies are simply marvelous. Their vivid and beautiful red color is a feast for the eyes. But there is certainly more to rubies than their crimson hue. Did you know that ruby is also the July birthstone? Lucky are those born in July to have such a beautiful gemstone as their birthstone! Are you a July born? If yes, this article is for you!


Jewelry featuring a ruby is perfect for anyone whose birthday falls in July. Whether you were born in this month or know of someone who was, here you can explore the different ruby birthstone jewelry. So, what's the wait for? Let's step into the glamorous world of ruby!


Ruby — The King of Gems

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, with emerald, diamond, and sapphire being the other three. Ruby is a variety of mineral corundum and owes its vibrant red hue to the presence of trace element chromium.


An incredible score of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness makes ruby a durable gemstone and an excellent choice for jewelry pieces. Aside from being the birthstone for July, it is also the traditional gemstone choice for celebrating and marking a 40th wedding anniversary!


Our Top 5 Picks for Ruby Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby, the birthstone for July, is a mesmerizing gem that is known to represent love, success, passion, and bountiful energy. Ruby jewelry is ideal for anyone born in July. You can find a variety of elegant and stunning jewelry pieces featuring this vibrant red stone. Earrings, pendants, and rings! You have got it all. Let's take a look at the top 5 picks for ruby birthstone jewelry.


Ruby Ring




The most timeless piece of jewelry for anyone born in July is a ruby ring. It is a must-have in your collection! Take a look at this ring, for instance. The vibrant oval cut ruby set in 14k yellow gold catches the eye easily with its timeless beauty. Additionally, there are tiny diamond accents on either side of the center stone. This statement-making ring will become a prized possession in your jewelry collection. 


This piece of jewelry works well for both professional and informal settings. It is the ideal addition to any fashion-forward collection, as it gives any ensemble a dash of refinement and glitz.


Ruby Studs




Among the different types of earrings, there is nothing as elegant and classic as a pair of studs. And a pair of studs featuring the July gemstone is no less beautiful and timeless. These earrings add a subtle pop of color to your outfit and can be worn on all occasions. 


If you like things simple and modest, solitaire studs are your go-to choice. However, if you don't mind some sparkle, ruby halo studs are perfect for you! These studs are the perfect gift to give to your beloved if her birthday falls in July.


Ruby Bracelet

Adorn your delicate wrist with a gorgeous ruby bracelet. Ruby bracelets are becoming a fashion statement as they add a touch of elegance and style to your ensemble. 




You can pair this bracelet with your outfit when getting dressed for a date night or evening party. The breathtaking red hue of the rubies will serve as an attention-catching detail and make you look sparklingly beautiful.


Ruby Dangle Earrings




While there are people who like things simple, you also get to meet people who live as if their life is a movie. And for such extra and flamboyant people, a pair of ruby dangle earrings are the perfect July birthstone jewelry! 


The dangle earrings exude elegance and style and are quite eye-catching. These earrings are perfect to pair with a gorgeous evening party dress. But leave it to the fashion monger to style it effortlessly even with a plain outfit. 


Ruby Pendant




Are you looking for a piece of ruby jewelry that is not only beautiful but also a showstopper? Your search ends with a ruby pendant. You can find it in different shapes and cuts, ranging from something simple as round or oval to something designer like marquise, pear, or trillion cut. No matter what you choose, each of these cuts brings out the best in the ruby!


You can pair the ruby pendant with any outfit, and it is the perfect accessory for all occasions. It is a versatile piece of jewelry that adds elegance and a wonderful pop of color to your ensemble.


Parting Thoughts

Ruby jewelry is the ideal jewelry choice to pamper yourself with if you are a July-born. You can find a diverse variety of jewelry pieces featuring this stunning red gemstone. So, what are you still waiting for? Go and get your ruby birthstone jewelry today!

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