Summer is the time when everyone loves wearing comfortable clothes. It is always about choosing comfort over style but with this blog, you’ll know how to carry yourself well and slay even in comfortable clothes. Linen is the best when it comes to comfort. The fabric is so soft that you will love wearing it over and over again.

Even at high temperatures, you’ll be comfortable wearing linen. Everyone has the fear of sweat patches showing through their armpits, but Linen Club has the best linen clothes for men. The fabric of linen is so soft that it soaks all the sweat and does not ruin the look.


All you need are bright, airy and breathable clothes. Here are some outfits or items that you need to have in your wardrobe for Summer 2021.

The Beach Look:
Summer is just about going to the beach and enjoying vacation with friends. You have various options of pairing outfits as linen clothes are the best and very attractive. Men and women both can wear linen shorts which are super comfortable. Men can wear a vest above it, or a white chino or a linen polo shirt. Women can wear a tank top.

The Formal Look:
Linen has the best linen trousers for men. One can pick a light coloured trouser and wear the same coloured tuxedo and to complete the look a man can wear a dark coloured shirt. You can also try this vice versa. Depends on how you want to look or which colour suits you the best.
Women can wear a high-waisted trouser and pair it with a formal shirt. You can also wear a blazer to look more formal.

The Casual Shopping Day:
A day off is basically relaxing and pampering yourself! One can wear whatever they want. But with linen clothes, the best part is they can wear anything comfortable and still slay. Men can wear the best linen shorts for men available at Linen Club. And top it with a linen polo t-shirt or a regular shirt or chino.
Women can wear linen palazzo pants with a tank top, one of them should be of a neutral shade and one darker shade.

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