The most popular outfit is a suit, which is ethnic clothing from India. Daily, suits are worn by women from all walks of life.

Once you understand what to look for, finding the ideal wedding suit is a little easier. Here are the dress styles that will flatter your body shape.

When looking for your ideal wedding gown, you want something that flatters your figure and accentuates all of your best features. There is a style of dress out there that is ideal for you whether your body shape is an hourglass, triangle, or oval.

Wedding dress shopping can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a bunch because there are so many various variations, shapes, and sizes available.

The attire combines great comfort with fashionable elements. It's crucial to pick a suit that flatters your body type because not every suit is designed to do so.

What body type are you, and how must you dress for it?

A Tall, Slender Body

For if you are tall and slim, your go-to suit should be a floor-length Anarkali. Consider choosing vertical prints for prints since they will make you appear taller than you are. Asymmetrical cuts are a gorgeous edge to add, while printed fabrics will work wonders on you!

Bodily Form: Pear

The flowy palazzo will help detract attention from the hips and thighs, making a palazzo suit the perfect choice for women with pear-shaped bodies.

The alternative is to try a Punjabi suit, which flatters hourglass-shaped ladies the most since it does not attempt to balance out your body type. Slim, hourglass-shaped women would appear best in dhoti suits since dhoti pants would add weight to the bottom part, making women with other body types seem out of proportion.

Brides with an hourglass body type often have a larger breast, broader hips, and a more defined waist. Let's look at the greatest designs to highlight your curvy features as you have one of the most appealing body forms there is.

Avoid: It's advisable to avoid adding any more weight to your bust and hips since they are already properly proportioned. Avoid wearing dresses with wider skirts in the ball gown, empire, or princess styles since they may make you seem larger in these regions and are less suited to your figure.

Instead, search for silhouettes or mermaid-style gowns that embrace and highlight your beautiful contours. Additionally, a dress with a sweetheart or plunge neckline may suit you better than one with a halter or high neck since it will keep you proportionate and highlight your bustier attributes.

Slim and Petite Frame

Anarkalis are a good choice for skinny, short women since they enhance your appearance and make you seem taller. Given that small girls would seem stocky due to the flared bottoms, shararas would look best on medium-height ladies.


Vulnerable Body

An hourglass-shaped woman should wear a palazzo suit since the flowing style will assist to hide her hips and thighs. A Patiala suit is an additional option for ladies with hefty bottoms since the large bottoms will balance off your bigger upper half.

For this body shape, a suit is a popular choice since it doesn't draw attention to your hips or belly.


Typical height and body type

Shararas are a fantastic choice for tall, heightened ladies since small females would seem stocky in them due to the flared bottoms.

You may also choose strong, large prints that improve your look.


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