This is how a 40-year-old woman dresses

Summer often does not need to pay too much attention to the parcel of skin, should choose the dress with a few simple designs, maintain modelling clear and straightforward sex. The woman of more than 40 years old is dressed up a little very beautiful, can use dress collocation to let oneself temperament add points, and these dress up are not necessarily very bright eye type, some even if the design in appearance is not eye-catching enough, also can create a generous and decent effect.

When it comes to summer, t-shirts of various colors become a popular choice. People love their materials, their changeable colors and the ways they wear clothes.

Classic and basic pure black T shirt, it is the existence that does not pick a person all along, can use collocation skirt of half a body, the color of the skirt is a bit darker or a few brighter, the atmospheric charm that won't deduce to it has fold loss effect.

The black T shirt of simple foundation, have the most versatile effect, and it can become the dress of resident money in the wardrobe of a lot of women, bring you very composed glamour. According to the changes on the inside of the collocation, black T-shirt can present a different visual effect, some monotonous, some fresh and clean, the key to see how you combine the single product, so the premise is the aesthetic should be appropriate.

Like this printed skirt, its existence actually makes people feel a little burden, mainly because they worry about their color matching is not up to standard, but as long as the use of the most monotonous, the most depressing black T-shirt with it, the appearance of the multifarious sense can be broken.

Black T shirt is most suitable for creating a simple and can make a show thin effect wear build, so you are in the clothing of the lower half of the body on the choice of money, be about to notice the cover of the leg, to the parcel of the whole leg.

This black skirt, for example, does not include the calves, so it creates a certain penetration effect, preventing the skin tone from being shown, but instead appearing thick and heavy.

A woman can look great with just a little dressing up, as long as she has the right eye for clothes and doesn't always want to try something complicated and difficult to pull off.

This simple white T-shirt, for example, is just as much of an item of clothing as a black T-shirt. Once you don't know what to wear, use it with all kinds of clothes. Basically, it's very harmonious. Take a black above the knee skirt, then added the advantage of hidden meat.

Foundation design white T-shirt on the formation of the appearance is characteristic, but also cannot blindly underestimated its charm, it is this kind of clothing to join, your attire does not show any acosmia factors, and you can according to your own personal preferences, to lower body selection of clothing color, bright or dim.

For example, this white T-shirt is paired with a light yellow skirt. It can be seen that the color of this skirt is vibrant but soft. Compared with the dazzling yellow, it shows more texture.

Once labeled as "monotonous" black top, under the good hands of many designers, also evolved countless styles and changing appearance, so that you can enjoy and free to choose.

For example, the design of the word shoulder, it will actually be very friendly to the micro fat people, especially feel their upper body is more round, put on this can bring the shoulder and neck line stretching effect of clothing, immediately make the neck become slender, with a knee-length skirt, elegant and French temperament.

Many women don't like innovative designs, but prefer to stick to the items they use regularly, which allows them to maintain a higher acceptance rate.

Take this blue jeans for example, although its design does not let a person feel at the moment bright, but contains the most concise elegant demeanour and clean and fresh advantage, with the white jacket of slim body style, also can appear more light and ripe sense.

In summer, you can also use folding to enrich your outfit a bit, but the items you use must not have too thick materials or keep too lazy styles.

This white top, for example, is paired with a navy blue skirt with straps that falls over your feet, giving you a naturally slimming effect and a lot of age reduction.

Strap single article can run amok street in summer is not without reason, can let dress get level immediately not only, still can let a person feel the breath of the vitality temperament that blow on the face and youth, it is to be able to build a clothing that gives reduce age attribute.

Like the wide leg pants of style of this pair of braces, its design is very tolerant to figure, but also did not reflect the curve with too much manliness, wear very comfortable really.

Women as long as a little dress up is very beautiful, if you think a single color, a single style of white top is not characteristic, might as well in the outside with a small waistcoat, this is more conventional and can let you often take the coordination plan.

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