Most of the present transformations in the jewelry industry have been governed by rubies; in fact, these gemstones have been manipulating fashion jewelry trends for centuries. There was a time when jewelry pieces made with diamonds were on top of the radar of everybody. But now, times have changed. Jewelry pieces encrusted with rubies are making a mark like nothing else does, especially ruby rings. The reason why these jewels are turning out to be the best-sellers in the present times is hard to tell. That’s because there are so many lures of ruby rings. For instance, ruby rings are elegant, stylish, sturdy, compatible with other jewelry pieces, and above all, they represent love, passion and prosperity.


Throughout history, rubies have had a list of associations and symbolisms. Right from ancient times, the coveted position of rubies has stayed intact because of their not only visual appeal and durability but also symbolism and legends. Known as the ‘the king of gemstones’ and considered to be a stone of kings, ruby has had a rich history of adulation. Ruby is perhaps the only red gemstone out of them all that has gained so many admirers. Let’s get down to the symbolism and legends of rubies to learn more about why people covet ruby rings and what they represent.




Ruby - The Stone Of Protection


In ancient times, people believed that wearing rubies as talismans could provide them protection. Therefore, people used to wear the ruby gemstone on the heart side, thinking it would help them live a peaceful life. People believed that by doing so, nobody would take their rank or land from them. Moreover, people also used to believe that rubies would preserve them from all perils. Perhaps that’s the reason why people continue to wear ruby rings in the present times. There’s no doubt in admitting the fact that some people still think of rubies as stones of protection.


The Color Of Rubies


Because of the red color of ruby, people used to associate this appealing gemstone with invulnerability. The ancient Burmese prized the ruby gemstones as the stones of soldiers, thinking that these gemstones would protect them from spears, swords and guns. They believed that these gemstones bestowed invulnerability. However, the ancient Burmese believed that wearing the ruby gemstone on the heart side wasn’t enough. Therefore, they used to insert the ruby gemstone into their flesh to gain its benefit. Now, this is a very powerful association. So, to some people, ruby rings might represent invulnerability.


The Inner Fire Of Rubies


Have you ever had the pleasure of taking a good look at a ruby gemstone? If yes, you know how beautiful and appealing it is. I mean, there are other beautiful gemstones that go easy on the eye, but ruby has something more than meets the eye. A ruby gemstone looks like it’s glowing from within. The deeper you look at the gemstone, the more you feel it has an inner fire. The appeal of the ruby gemstone might be attributed to its inner glow or fire. Rubies fluoresce like nothing else does. The glow of this gemstone grows on you. It encourages you to continue gazing at the gemstone for hours. That’s why people like adorning themselves with ruby rings. These rings get them flattering remarks.


Moreover, ruby rings have now become a status symbol. We both know that the per-carat price of a ruby gemstone rises phenomenally with an increase in the size. Ruby gemstones often sell at a premium compared to other gemstones. So, ruby rings have become a status symbol in today’s times. If you’re spotted wearing a ruby jewelry piece, especially a ruby ring, you’re deemed a big shot. Thus, many also represent ruby rings as status symbols.


Perfect Adornments


Ruby rings are considered the perfect adornment and for good reason. Tell me, how many versatile ways are there to style a ruby ring? Well, there are plenty of ways to style ruby rings, right? Because of the bold yet restful red color of ruby rings, these rings are easy to pair with other color gemstone jewelry pieces; in fact, ruby rings can also be paired with gemstone jewelry pieces fashioned with colorless gemstones. One of the best ways to style your ruby ring is by pairing it with a chic diamond bracelet. The bold red color of your ruby ring will go perfectly well with the sparkling vibe of the diamond bracelet.




You can also pair your ruby ring with green color gemstones like emerald and peridot. That’s because green is the complementary color for red on the color wheel. Imagine yourself wearing a ruby ring paired with an emerald or peridot ring. The red color of your ruby ring will catch the attention of the beholders because of its boldness. Whereas, the green color of your emerald or peridot ring will spare no effort in boosting the fascination of your ruby ring.




Ruby rings command the respect of everybody, especially jewelry enthusiasts, primarily because of the level of sturdiness that these rings have. Ruby is a member of the corundum mineral family. Now, corundum is the second hardest mineral after diamond. Thus, ruby scores 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Ruby offers great resistance to scratches, meaning it’s the perfect gemstone to use in everyday jewelry pieces. Such a terrific resistance to scratches also means that ruby is a very durable gemstone. The endurance that this gemstone offers is also one of the big reasons why people associate ruby rings with power and protection.


The Bottom Line


I can go all day long talking about the lure of ruby rings and what they represent because people have associated them with many things. However, these were some of the crucial associations that were worth mentioning. People also consider rubies as powerful gemstones with great astrological benefits. For instance, the ruby gemstone is known to boost the mental strength of its wearer. Moreover, people wear rubies to improve eyesight and boost blood circulation. So, there are many astrological benefits of rubies. Perhaps now you might have understood what ruby rings represent.

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