The basic style is best for festivals

People come and go in a hurry, even the New Year is no exception. Although I have annual leave, I always feel that I don't have enough time to visit relatives and friends. I even want to compress the time for dressing up. In order not to be rude, but also in order to save time, but also a very good show themselves, every year and festivals suggest to pick a few basic styles.

01 a simple knitted bottom shirt, fine knitting can very well fit the curve of the body, providing a variety of possibilities for the exterior. The flounce of the bottom of the neckline cuff is small and exquisite, with a bit of nifty heart, embellished with contracted wear, you can try to model all sorts of different styles.

Of course, black and white is the first choice of color. From any point of view, no matter how much praise is given to such color, it is understandable. Unlike the slim-fitting, tight-fitting knitwear of the previous style, this sweater is loose and casual, and fashion-connected knitwear is a basic cool must-have.

Different from the previous A-line umbrella skirt, pleated skirts are obviously popular in these two years, especially those made of velvet. The style is retro, the fabric is retro, but the combination of the two is trendy, and in the shimmering sheen, the power of walking is filled with the mysterious magic of color.

In order to cater for the spring and increase the usage of single items, you can choose a pleated skirt of mesh. This style won't go out of fashion for the time being, after all, it's really easy to wear. And the layering of mesh also has a seasonal gift of calm and clever, popular caramel color for spring call.

05 There is nothing more convenient than knitting dress and woolen coat, so don't ignore the position of knitting dress in the basic style. The drapery modelling that knitting craft forms, stripe simple sense adds show thin effect, the place that simple design wonderful collide color always has to be able to move you.

The more simple the more versatile, it is a truth. If you do not have a pure undergarment to accompany, it is a good coat is useless. High collar knitted dress, simple to no longer simple style, is such a simple to give you more possibilities, different sweater chain can have different spirit.

Since 07 is a basic style, so the details of the woolen coat is worth deliberating. Simplified the design of all sorts of detail elements, develop the charm of turtleneck long sleeve, design is often stored because classic. New Year, to wave red is always the right time, the best state should be from the dress show.

08 suit lapel woolen coat, neat lines, each tailoring fit, showing the workplace of a strong woman's aura. The high-end material encountered simple but three-dimensional tailoring shows the magic of the basic style, seemingly simple to control the charm is not so simple a thing.Read more at:short formal dresses | long formal dresses

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