After the woman year passes 60 years old, since had been unable to hold back the elapsing of years, so, we can choose a few contracted and easy without age feeling sheet to taste, let oneself present the aesthetic feeling that gives nature to grow old.

Today, Xiaobian was surprised by a 60-year-old woman!

Although her appearance is not outstanding, but through the light makeup gives people a comfortable beauty; Although her figure is obvious average, but the use of appropriate clothes dress up to let a person move eye - catching fashion charm.

In the picture above, she is wearing a thin black shirt with slits overlaid on it. It is paired with white linen wide-leg pants. The classic black and white combination of comfortable texture fabrics is mutually reinforcing to create a comfortable and advanced visual sense.

Romantic broken flowers, it is one of the wonderful elements commonly used in summer of middle-aged women. To avoid the suspicion of act young, we can use solid colors to reduce the sense of dazzling, which in turn reduces the visual impact of the purpose.

In the picture on the left, the blogger is wearing a chic but not fancy print skirt. The upper body is matched with a dark coffee color slim small shirt, which does not show the dark and vicissitudes of the old people at all. With the help of white sandals and bags, the blogger creates an excellent sense of color layers.

After the age of 60 women, if the figure is fat and deformed, remember to try to avoid too tight style, choose a fit version of the dress can highlight the classical charm.

On the right, the blogger wears a well-fitting Qipao dress with a blue main tone. The off-the-shoulder design is cool and attractive. If you worry about too much exposure, you might as well directly wear a silk texture of the long scarf, then elegant so enviable.

If you're 60 years old and don't have slim legs or skinny feet, you can use the slimming properties of pointed heels to create an elegant and chic fashion look.

Because of the reason of age, we do not choose the heel of height of 5 centimeters higher than 60 years old, the thick heel of 3.5 centimeters is optimal, such a pair of shoes that can make slender line comfortably already, why not try?

Mature and sedate hold the cheongsam dress that holds elegant glamour concurrently again, it is the Oriental female love most all the time. In particular, the dark tailored qipao skirt can skillfully outline the curves of a 60-year-old woman's body.

The blogger in the left picture is wearing a dark cheongsam skirt with retro patterns. The gorgeous and durable designs and colors combine with the comfortable texture fabric, and only need to match a gray sweater to show the elegant and charming charm of women in a moment.

Women in their 60s can also use straw hats, bags and other accessories to add a touch of fashion to the summer atmosphere.

Like the blogger in the photo on the right, she wears a pair of white wide-leg linen pants that give her a refreshing feel. The upper body is matched with light ice blue short-sleeved shirt, easily creating a "loose" visual effect. A metallic necklace is hung between neck, carry a bamboo to make up basket again, simple but elegant is chic, aesthetic feeling is very

Throughout the article, we can see that the blogger is particularly fond of using pointed shoes to unlock different styles.

Here, for example, she wears a black form-fitting dress with a slightly loose-fitting shape that easily hides imperfections and shows off the classic beauty of an older woman. Feet with a pair of black pointed high-heeled shoes, shallow mouth design, very good to extend the leg line, so as to play a thin visual effect.

Black and white tonal print umbrella skirt, to the wearer's figure tolerance degree is large, can accommodate the female choice of more figure.

This kind of skirt is on collocation, can follow "complicated and simple union" wear build a law, control whole body fashionable element inside certain limits, control integral fashionable feeling is proper.

The uniform superposition of pleated elements on the body of the solid color skirt forms the popular "pleated skirt" style in recent years. With its versatile and slim performance, it is very suitable for women aged 60.Read more at:perth ball gowns | red evening gowns online

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