Summer Style Tips for men in their late 30’s


Unlike women, men sometimes require direction when it comes to fashion, clothing and other accessories. For men who have spent their 20s experimenting, this would sadly be the decade when you lock it all up. The good thing is that you will already come to realize what you have a taste for, including colors, fitting, aesthetics and even brands and labels. We also need to take into account that you have subsequently moved up in your office and perhaps even have a family to go home to. There will be a lot of personality changes and more importantly, you would be a busy man with less time to make your clothing choices and matches. With the summers above our head, here are some styling tips that every man in their 30’s can follow.

Preparing yourself

If, by this time, you can build a paunch, it would be a good idea to start working on it. You don’t need to exercise hard to get a slim figure but enough to keep yourself fit and amorphous-less. Depending upon your needs, you can either choose to jog in the morning or hit the gym once a day. You might also want to do some weekend swimming to tone those legs you would be prepared to expose in the next points!


Not everyone is up for the stylish play. But, once you have prepared yourself enough, shorts can be a great way to keep it simple yet young. However, don’t experiment here by opting for skate shorts or high cut athletic shorts. When it comes to color, go for earthly shades and gentle pastels. Make sure you are always wearing a boxer underneath as you never know when you will be pushed into the water!


Sandals and flip flops belong solely to the beach. For regular use, you can always go for canvas tennis shoes, docksiders and simple plimsoles. Remember that you are ageing and this is not the right time for bright colors like red and blue. Stick to whites, grays and pastels or even tans (for docksiders). Unlike women, men aren’t expected to express their mood through summer shoe design and colors!


Ideally, you shouldn’t be wearing socks. But since you are wearing shoes in the summer, you would definitely want to avoid that leathery smell sticking to your feet. If you are prone to the smell of the gently composting verrucas, put on those ankle length socks. Keep it small and minimal and never go for those knee length and black alternatives.


Polos would be the best fit for this age. Simple shirts in white cotton and light blue will match both slim and slightly overweight figures. The longer lose Hawaiian cotton will attract attention when it shouldn’t polo shirts can also be a good way to fight the perspiration in the summers. Also, make sure you are confident with the colors. For dark complexioned men, anything other than pasty would do. For lighter skinned English men, yellows and pinks would be a disaster.


Hats are good but wear with caution. Caps are fine and look good unless you are wearing baseball ones!


Minimal accessorizing like belts, ties and sunglasses are good. Even aviators and business shades can work well. The safest bet with sunglasses is probably a pair of Ray Bans.

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