Stylish Ideas for Combat Boots



Combat boots are something you can’t just throw away once the year is over. The good news is that you don’t have to do it. These comfortable shoes are always in trend. They can be a part of casual or high fashion, depending on how you wear them and the items they are matched with. After you buy the first pair of combat boots, you won’t possibly want to replace them with anything else… even with sneakers.

Matching Outfit for Your Boots

This year, combat boots are still popular. You can combine them with jeans and skirts, no matter the fabric. Here are a few fresh ideas that you might want to implement in real life:

  • Jeans + boots equal one love. This is a casual outfit you don’t need to overthink. Put on your favorite jeans and wear your beloved boots. You can go with classics and wear a white tee-shirt or any type of blouse you want. If you have a simple bodysuit, it will do too. In case you want something fresh, give cuff jeans a try. You might want to leave a small gap between boots and jeans;
  • Boots and dresses. The more military your combat boots are, the more gentle and girlish you must look in your dress. This year, the combination of two opposite items is in trend. The length of your dress does not matter. However, it is better not to hide your boots under a dress. A ruffle dress can perfectly go in contrast with your boots. If you are still unsure about this idea, just look at k-pop stars;
  • Boots and skirts. If you think that skirts are for tender sweet girls only, try to wear them with combat boots. From little princess, you will quickly turn into a bad-ass queen who fights dragons by herself. No matter whether you wear a black skirt or a pink one, long, midi, or short, you will still look stylish. Try to experiment with textures here; the skirt can be made of satin, silk, or wool, and it still will fit;
  • Boots and leggings. Well, this is slippery ice here, but don’t worry, faux leather leggings with combat boots look gorgeous. You might want to experiment with colors here. Your outfit does not have to be monochrome. Match black boots and dark blue leggings, for example. Yet, if you want to go in one color, black might be your main choice. Leggings go well with any jackets, sweaters, or tunics.

Go Bold!

If you own a pair of combat boots, it means you are already brave enough to challenge high heels and other uncomfortable shoes. Apart from comfort, combat boots can become quite stylish if you know how to match them with your clothes. Pay attention to the above recommendations that will suit you this year. If you have more ideas and want to pair your boots with other items, like shorts, do it, and find out whether it suits you. Experiment with your look and enjoy the fun.

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