Women love to style, whether it is with a chic set of wardrobe or a sassy pair of accessories. From getting ready for a casual office day to prepping for an extra special dinner date, women don’t forget to pick out matching shoes, bags and even scarfs. If you are among those fashionable types who can’t set foot out of their house without dressing up their best, a gemstone pendant is what you need to step up the game. And the best part is, you can style a pendant necklace almost around the clock for a subtle look.  


Choosing a Color Gemstone for Your Necklace

Diamonds can not always be the first choice, especially if you are looking for a color gemstone. Or, maybe you already have a glittering diamond necklace in your jewelry case but you are craving some bright colors to add sparkle to your outfits. Now a question that arises here is - which color gemstone should you consider when the options are just too many? 


From multi-colored sapphires to vibrant green emeralds and fiery red rubies, you can find precious gemstones in all possible colors. The best way to pick your favorite is either to go with your birthstone (for instance, sapphires are for September borns, emeralds for May borns and rubies for July borns) or simply choose a color you fancy the most. 


Why Choose a Ruby Necklace?

Rubies are favored for their vivacious crimson hues and luxurious visual appeal. If your heart is stuck on rubies, let me give you a few compelling reasons to have a natural ruby necklace in your jewelry ensemble. First, rubies are proud members of the precious gemstone club, which means that they have been revered for their exceptional beauty and rarity for centuries now. Second, rubies are July birthstones worn as symbols of power, passion and abundance. Third, rubies excel in making heartfelt confessions, all because of their oozing blood-red hue that’s synonymous with love (remember red roses and red balloons in movie proposals?).


Fourth, rubies are super tough with a score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Now that’s a commendable achievement for a gemstone that you wish to wear almost every day. Last, but not the least, rubies are coveted not only by commoners but also by celebrities and those from the royal bloodline. Did you check out the ruby and diamond jewelry suite from Queen Elizabeth II’s royal jewelry collection? 




Stunning Ruby Necklace: Options to Explore

Have you made up your mind to invest in a stunning ruby necklace? Want some inspiration to get started? Below are a few popular ruby pendant styles that you will fall in love with at first sight. Hope we’ll not make the selection process head-scratching for you.


1. Ruby Solitaire Pendant: Best pick for casual day outs, a ruby solitaire in prong or bezel setting is all you need in your necklace collection for an all-time classic vibe. Switch between round, oval, pear, trillion and heart-shaped motifs for an everyday new look.


2. Ruby Diamond Halo Pendant: Tiny colorless diamonds outlined around a precisely cut ruby centerstone will elevate the grace of your natural ruby necklace like never before. It’s like marking a piece of your heart with countless stars twinkling in the night sky. The effect is spectacular and the impression is spell-binding.


3. Ruby Two-Stone Pendant: One ruby centerstone is not enough? Adorning a two-stone ruby pendant is a great idea for your wedding anniversary. It celebrates the coming together of two passionate lovebirds. Planning a proposal for your girlfriend? Ditch a ring for a two-stone ruby emblem and tell us if she doesn’t go wow.




4. Ruby Three-Stone Pendant: Have you heard about three-stone rings? They are all about your “past, present and future” intertwined with that of your partner’s. Get a similar sensation in a different flavor with a three-stone ruby pendant. A ruby centerstone with two accent diamonds is already a hit, how about you try out one? 


5. Ruby Astrological Pendant: For those who value zodiac, astrology and spirituality along with beautification, a ruby astrological pendant will best suit their preference. Pick a white metal (white gold, silver or platinum) for a stylish modern touch or a yellow metal (yellow gold or rose gold) for a timeless expression. 


6. Ruby Antique Pendant: Rubies have been around for ages so wrapping them in a classic antique envelope will only prettify their natural beauty. Moreover, leaving an antique-styled ruby pendant as your heirloom will add to your legacy for your children and grandchildren.


Find Your Ruby Necklace @GemsNY

With so many options available, it’s more than just difficult to single out any one that will make you stand out in the crowd. But worry not, with GemsNY by your side, you will be able to find the perfect genuine ruby necklace for yourself. Visit the brand’s official website and check out their loose rubies on sale to make your own ruby pendant.  How about curating one from the brand’s preset ruby necklaces, sounds good, right?

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