Bob wig style is more and more popular among fashion women. This bob hairstyle is very suitable for women and girls. Because of the appearance of short hair wigs, changing the hairstyle is more accessible; you can quickly achieve your goal and have a new hairstyle soon.

How To Install Your Lace Front Bob Wig?

Step 1: Prepare the Wig

  • It would be best if you clipped all hairs back from the edges of the wig so they do not get caught up when attaching the wig to the head. This is especially important when securing the wig with adhesive glue.
  • For lace wigs, the lace should be trimmed as close to the hairline as possible, being careful not to damage the hairline.

Step 2: Prepare Your Hair

  • The next step is to prepare your natural hair for the wig installation. To ensure that the will frontal bob look as natural as possible, you must ensure that your natural hair is flat and even against the scalp.
  • Those with soft curls can put their hair in a cap and press it down to flatten it before installing the wig.

Step 3: Prepare the Skin

  • You can use an alcohol solution on a cotton swab and gently wipe any oil from the hairline. This helps to ensure a secure attachment of the wig to the skin.
  • Whether using adhesive tape or glue, one should apply a scalp protector to the scalp. For those women with hair, use a flesh-colored wig cap to protect the natural hair.
  • The wig cap should cover all-natural hair. To keep the cap in place, apply adhesive over the edge of the cap and onto the skin.

Step 4: Apply Adhesive

  • When using an adhesive paste, apply a dainty layer to the whole hairline using a cosmetics brush or restorative stick.
  • If utilizing a delicate bond cement, the wig doesn’t matter immediately. Hold on until the paste has become crude.
  • If you were utilizing a complex bond cement, the wig could be applied immediately, as this paste bonds immediately.
  • Cut the twofold-sided tape to the ideal lengths for those utilizing sticky tape until the whole hairline is covered. Join one side to the hairline of the skin and press immovably.

Stage 5: Attach the Wig

  • If you join a wig with paste, you should begin by connecting the wig at the hairline in the front center of the temple. Delicately press the edge of the closure hair down against the stuck skin, working around the hairline until it is joined around the whole hairline. If there is any glue beyond the wig hairline, wipe it away with a cosmetic stick or Q-Tip dipped in alcohol.
  • If you attach a wig with adhesive tape, place the wig on the head and begin lining up the hairline edges. Start at the center of the forehead and work out towards the temples. Then, proceed to the back of the nape and attach the wig one adhesive strip at a time.

Step 6: Style The Bob Wig as You Desired

  • Once the wig is in place around your head, you are now ready to style the wig as you desire. Gently brush and style the wig to achieve the desired look, only once the adhesive has had time to set.
  • Some human hair bob wigs can take several minutes before achieving a solid adhesive bond between the wig and the skin. 

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Lace front bob wigs wear out over the long haul as they are utilized and washed. The existing pattern of virgin human hair Bob wigs are generally 3-6 months; sensible consideration can arrive at six a year. ‘The style of your hair can be changed as you like. The main thing you want to do is to allow yourself to feel like it’s your hair. The style you’re utilized to, the thoughtful you like, that makes everything look normal.

Ayana Anderson is a professional hair stylist from last 10 years. She is expert in hair styling and ombre hair extensions.

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