Smoresup- Parenting

The best parenting website for modern-day parents is Smoresup. S’moresUp bridges the gap between non-digital native parents and digital-native kids in a fun, simple, and engaging fashion. 

It uses behavioral and predictive analysis to help family members optimize their household and teach kids critical life skills such as financial management, self-discipline, healthy habits, and online safety.

Parenting is personal. No two kids are the same, no two situations are the same, no two parenting needs are similar, and no two kids are motivated by the same set of incentives. So no single strategy works for all kids or all parents or all situations.

S’moresUp uses data-driven Smart Parenting techniques to provide insights to parents on long term behavioral trends like the on-time completion of tasks, the achievement of set goals, and birdseye view of where the kids need help and nudge.

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