Significance of Brooch

Brooch is always the crowning jewel in your outfit. Brooch dates back to bronze age. Brooch didn't start out as jewels, they were more functional like secure to pieces of clothing. Made of metal, often gold, silver which are frequently, decorated with enamel or gemstones. Brooch with back pin and safety clasp for wearing/closure.

This ornamental piece of jewelry comes from a humble background of being used mainly as an accessory to secure and fasten clothing items. Transformed to a jewel of fashion statement today, brooches can be adorned for a formal meeting or to an evening with friends.

Give that final touch to your outfit with a beautiful BROOCH! Brooch has the potential to inspire many. Make your outfit more appealing with a daunting piece of brooch . They go well with formal, casual wear or even for that important video calls you take at home. Take you time and chose the one that belongs to you!

Different types of brooch

4 Leaf Clover Brooch


This unique brooch style is an elegant way to adorn an evil eye amulet based on ancient Mediterranean belief of proving protection & bringing in good luck. 

Evil Eye Brooch


Wreath inspired brooch. The arrangement is embellished with silver & brass ivy leaves, brass pine cone, fresh water pearl buds & a silver flower. Each of these element put together, depict a perfect combination of love, joy & strength. Back clip of the brooch is made of sterling silver.

Celebration Wreath Brooch


Four leaf clover is rarely found in nature. It is believed to bring ‘Good Luck’ to its possessor. Each of the 4 leaves of clover represents a different quality. The first leaf representing hope, the second faith, the third leaf is for love and the fourth one brings good luck to its finder. Representation of this in the form of brooch makes a perfect piece of jewel to own.

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