Wearing tight men's brief underwear can lead to some hazardous health issues in men and one of them is sperm quality. As per studies, men who prefer wearing airy boxer shorts tend to have better sperm quality compared to men who wear tight or restrictive boxers. The reason behind that is, airy men's brief underwear is capable of keeping your testicles cool. 


Scientists at Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health even conducted some studies in which they took 656 men. They took men who wear airy men's boxers and men who wore men's brief underwear or smaller pants or tighter underwear. The results were quite shocking. Men who opted for airy boxers had 25% more sperm per milliliter and ejaculated 17% sperm in each ejaculation.


Should men stop wearing briefs?

No, ditching the style is not the solution. Limiting the time you spend in men's brief underwear is the right solution. Each underwear style for men comes with some pros and cons. For example, if you opt for men's g-string underwear made from lace for your everyday task, you will surely end up with discomfort, itchiness. 


The same is the case with men's brief underwear. Briefs for men come with various benefits such as better comfort, support, and breathability. Besides that, your back profile appears sleek and sexy as it enhances the shape of your butt perfectly. However, that doesn't mean you will stay in it the entire day. It's always preferable to switch to either airy boxers before going to sleep or go commando. You can even opt for boxers when you want to relax. To look great pair it with a pair of the t-shirt.


Are there any best underwear practices tips for choosing underwear?

When you wear men's brief underwear or tight underwear, the chances of getting caught in major problems are less. Therefore, consider the following tips before investing in a new pair of men's underwear.

  1. Look for moisture-wicking underwear for exercising. This will help you in preventing sweat from entering your genitals.
  2. Make sure the pair you are picking or wearing is of the right size. Tight underwear can lead to uncomfortable chafing.
  3. For everyday comfort and activities, it's always advisable to opt for pairs made from natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. Avoid wearing styles on regular basis made out of synthetic fabrics.

Besides underwear practices, you need to follow some hygiene tips to keep your jewels healthy.


Hygiene tips to know

  1. Make sure you are wearing men's brief underwear made out of cotton for everyday activities as cotton absorbs moisture well.
  2. Change your underwear once a day to prevent bacteria accumulation.
  3. Men's brief underwear with moisture-wicking underwear and little stretch would be a great help as it will help prevent bacteria buildup and chafing.
  4. Try keeping lace, polyester, or super tight underwear for special occasions. On regular days, you don't want that extra oomph down there.
  5. To be safer and sound let your manhood breathe at night by switching to go commando mode. Or else you can opt for loose-fitting bottoms.

So, follow these tips and enjoy your favourite style, men's brief underwear.


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