"SAGGIN"Pants Syndrome

I will be sitting on a panel of professionals in the business to talk, discuss and find solutions to this problem of saggin pants with young people. It's gone on too long. As I walk the streets I see countless young people and some young adults walking with their pants to their hips. It's not a fashion statement. It looks sloppy and of course uncomfortable. It's gone on too long and about time for us to stand up and offer solutions. THis is where designers come in. Stop designing pants that hang off the body. What ends up happening is that these kids can't get jobs the way they look. There pants are constantly falling down and they have to continously pull them up. Who wants to date a young man with pants falling down? No one. So again I say let's give better quality designed jeans and pants to men, young men everywhere. Your pants should fit you and accentuate your natural body line.

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