For anyone looking to redefine their stylish personality, changing or improving the hair color with hair stylists providing hair color discounts in Gurgaon is definitely the right way to go ahead. There are different hair color techniques to get a unique look. Let’s try out some cool hair techniques used by the best hair color in Gurgaon to give a dynamic boost to their client’s styles.

  1. Balayage

This technique can be used to get an ombré gradient involving no foil use. The lightening agent is painted freehand straight onto the hair tips and then moved upward to the hair midpoint. This technique can be applied as a reverse balayage also. In this process, rather than starting with a darker shade at the hair base, professionals begin with a lighter shade and then end with a dark color.  

  1. Ombré

This is another trending color technique in which natural hair color is applied at the roots and then combined into the selected shade at the hair ends. The main reason behind the popularity of this technique is that it doesn’t need high-maintenance touch-ups because natural hair color is used at the base of the hair. Fading between two unique hair color shades provides a highly dramatic approach to ombré. You may also try ombré highlights rather than a complete ombré to apply faded color to some hair sections.

  1. Sombré

This is a delicate form of ombré technique that fades between two shades having almost similar tones. For example, a blonde sombré can fade platinum and ash.

  1. Highlights

It refers to the process of applying a lighter shade on some specific sections of hair. This is the best choice for those who want to improve the shade of a curl or a haircut style because highlights of different colors throughout the hair add a great dimension.

  1. Lowlights

Unlike highlights where selected blondes strands and lighter shades are added, this hair color technique deepens the color by including chosen strands of darker tones.    

Alongside these, many hair coloring techniques are ruling over the heart of people for helping them in making a big style statement. If you’re in search of amazing hair color deal in Gurgaon, approach Grace & Glamour. This famous beauty salon provides hair color offer in Gurgaon to let clients get new hair color every season.

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