Practical multifunction tools for winter sportsmen

As soon as the first snow falls outside, there is hardly any more holding for many. But while some are pushing through the deep snow with wear a safety vest, some prefer to go around the couch at home. Not infrequently the same excuses are always brought out, if one asks them, why they just up the feet in the cold season. We provide three arguments, why the lack of equipment, too much risk in sports in the dark, and the dear children are no reason to press themselves before winter sports.

SAFEMAN - multi-function lock for the jacket pocket

Who wants to carry a large, heavy and unwieldy lock for skis or snowboards in the backpack? This question was raised by Ludwig, Managing Director of TECTORY GmbH, and then developed the SAFEMAN: a handy, practical and 75 cm long cable lock designed primarily to secure skis and snowboards. The light lock has a cable diameter of 4 mm, is multifunctional and costs 19.90 Euro. If you want to be absolutely safe, there is an equally practical 1.85 m variant - the SAFEMAN-T. The plastic-sheathed steel cable is ideal for shutting off the high-quality outdoor equipment with reflective material, weighs 550 grams on the scale with a diameter of 10 mm and costs 44.90 Euro.

Burley ski kit & 16 × 3 tires - winterfed with the bike trailer

From now on, "sporty janglers" no longer have an excuse for not being able to be active in the winter, because the kids have to be taken care of and taken care of at home. With the ski kit as well as the 16+ tire set of the American tradition brand Burley, the bike trailer is a very special "snowmobile" for the transport of the dear little ones. With the brand new and extra-wide "16 × 3" push-button tires, no one is left behind. They can easily be retrofitted to the set price for 199, - Euro (RRP). And if you want it to be even more sporty, you can replace the standard bikes with two skids with the ski kit and two bars with a hip belt for the perfect fit for cross-country skiers, snowshoe hikers or winter walkers.

LED Run Vest - bright example of security

With LED lighting and reflective details, the LED Run Vest ensures more safety in the dark season and an early perception by other road users. The comfortable, lightweight safety vest is made of water-resistant mesh material and has front and rear lighted stretchable polymer strips with integrated LEDs that either light up or flash continuously over two settings. The On / off / Mode buttons are easily accessible front and rear, while side reflective elements provide additional security. In two pockets on the back, one of which is waterproof, the most important utensils find their place. Also a practical key clip was thought. The LED Run Vest is available in two sizes (S / M and L / XL), the fine adjustment of the width is by means of adjustable tabs at the waist.

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