Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. Having teeth that are missing, cracked, or yellow can make you lose confidence in yourself. Here are some procedures that can improve the appearance of your smile.

Installing Veneers

A veneer is a porcelain mold that covers the front of your tooth. It’s adhered with a dental bonding glue. It can restore the look of your smile in one office visit. This procedure can be completed quickly to eliminate the appearance of your bad teeth. It’s typically used to cover chipped, cracked, and severely yellowed teeth. The veneer is more resistant to staining than your natural teeth. The standard veneer can last about fifteen years.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening chemicals can be used to remove those built up stains. The dentist will bleach your teeth with a chemical gel. Some dentists even use a laser to remove deeper stains. This treatment can be done in around an hour. Whitening normally lasts three years. This is dependent on the amount of staining agents that you ingest. Coffee, tea, and smoking cigarettes will cause your teeth to yellow faster. You can also purchase at home teeth whitening kits. These don’t last as long as a professional treatment.

Dental Implants

The use of dental implants works for those that are missing teeth. A post is installed into your jaw. Then the artificial tooth can be inserted over this post. This procedure involves surgery since the jaw bones are involved. The benefit of this procedure is that you don’t have to worry about dentures. Many people find dentures to be uncomfortable because they can shift in your mouth. This can cause sores and areas of irritation to develop. A dental implant is a better solution to this problem.

Straightening Devices

You have several options when it comes to straightening your teeth. Invisalign is becoming very popular because no one knows that you’re wearing it. There is the standard metal braces options as well. Both will require that you visit an orthodontist to ensure that your treatment is progressing. Metal braces will be adjusted during these office visits. With Invisalign, a new retainer will be created in order to shift your teeth into position.

Talk to your dentist about other options for improving the appearance of your smile. You don’t need to hide your teeth due to embarrassment. There are lots of options to help you achieve your goal of a perfect smile.

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