Military Pins & Their Significance


A lapel pin  symbolizes faithfulness – wearing a flag pin symbolizes patriotism, wearing a military pin symbolizes commitment to protect your country from enemies at any cost, and wearing an organization’s lapel pin symbolizes loyalty towards the organization.

When it comes to military pins, they came into existence during the American Civil War, from 1861 to 1865. The soldiers were heavily deployed to curb the turbulence in the nation.


The different units of the army were fighting to the rebellions to bring the situation under control. To help the soldiers identify one another without failing, the units allotted brass pins to wear on their chests. These pins were much helpful for the military personnel to determine the soldiers and their group and manage the war rightly. 


However, the soldiers could not recognize the members of their units from a distance. They needed to come quite close to one another to identify if they were from the same unit because the pins were quite small.

These pins were found so useful during the war that they were not discarded after the war and adopted as a remembrance of the war. What is more, with time, they were started considered as a remembrance of the bravery shown on the battlefield. In the present, the military personnel who show courage in the battleground are awarded military pins. Now, these pins have got significance almost in every country’s military and not remained limited to the United States of America only.

Military men wear them proudly on their chests and do not want to remove them at all. Every military man works with full allegiance to earn military pins for their chest. In military units, a person’s commitment and bravery are recognized by the number of pins on his chest. You can see these pins on the chests and shoulders of brave army men of different nations.


Military pins are used in commemorating the past military achievements - wars, military operations, and the bravery of the soldiers. They are issued as a commemorating sign of the event and given to the military men for their bravery acts.

These pins are used for fundraising purposes as well. To help retired military personnel or the dependents of deceased military men, fundraising programs are conducts. These events provide common people a great opportunity to show their trust in their army. So, people do not hesitate to come forward to back the military’s fundraising programs.


By now, you must have understood the significance of the military pins. An interesting fact about these pins is they have become an industry in themselves. Millions of people are associated with this business. In other words, millions of families survive because of the value of military lapel pins in the army. 

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