Microfiber towels – Magical Car Wash tool!!!

The cars we drive say a lot about us - Alexandra Paul

Yes, the car we ride can make a great exposure for us. We always say “NO” to ride in the dirty car. It’s a primary responsibility to keep our vehicles clean and shiny. Keeping the car clean is time and money consuming act. Microfiber towels are “must-have” stuff which are used to wash cars at an affordable price. This amazing cleaning tool is used to wash the car and dry the exterior surface of the car.


 As per the report 48% of the people clean the car on their own. People switching over to self car wash because automatic car wash does not clean cars up to the expectation level. And another thing is a Long queue before the car wash station. People started to make use of Microfiber towels for all cleaning and detailing service.

What is Microfibers?

“Microfibers” are synthetic fibers. They manufactured by blending 80% of polyester and 20% of polyamides.  Depending upon the ratio of polyester and polyamide, microfibers absorbency and drying capacity vary.


This finest fiber has a diameter in micrometer and is lesser than the silk strand. Now you can believe that these synthetic fibers could absorb water more than cotton fibers.

High absorbent, Lint-free, Scratch – free and long-lasting are the beneficiary features of microfiber cloths. Due to these incredible features, they are used in cleaning Industries.

How Microfibers cleaning car:

Both water and waterless car wash methods utilize microfiber towels. Microfiber towels contain small fibers that look like hair strands and are tightly woven. These fibers are very strong and durable and ultra-absorbent. These fibers can easily pull away the dirt and dust from the surface. So you can spread the soapy wet towels on the car surface to wipe the dusts out. Always wash the car from top to bottom. Because the tyres have most abrasive dirt, and that could affect car wash by making scratches on the surfaces. Due to its high absorbency, it won’t dry out and picked up the dust perfectly. It also cut down the usage of a cleaning agent which is used for car washing.


After the rinsing, you must not leave the car to dry under the sunlight. Spot formed on the car surface. It affects the look of the car. So after the car wash, use dry towels to remove the water droplets. Because of ultra absorbency, microfiber towels are the best tool for removing spots.

Cleaning microfiber towels:

Microfiber towels are machine washable. But never wash them with clothes because it would affect the fibers and attracts the lint from the clothes. So separate the microfiber towels from other clothes and wash them with a little bit of detergent. Never use fabric softener in washing to protect the softness and absorbency of fibers for longer. After the wash, dry out the towels under the warm light.

 Never hesitate to choose the premium quality of Microfiber towels for keeping your car clean and shiny!!!


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