The Pinnacle of Fashion Education: SGT University's Faculty of Fashion & Design

SGT University's Faculty of Fashion and Design in Gurgaon is one of the leading institutions for fashion education in India. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative programs, SGT University offers young creative minds comprehensive training to succeed in the fashion industry.

Holistic Learning Experience

The Faculty of Fashion and Design focuses on providing students with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge. The curriculum includes subjects like pattern making, draping, textile design, fashion illustration, merchandising, and more. Students get hands-on training in studios and labs equipped with industry-standard software and machinery. The faculty also organizes workshops, industrial visits, and guest lectures by experts to expose students to the real-world workings of the fashion business.

Importantly, the programs emphasize developing both technical skills and managerial competence. Students are trained on design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. But they also study topics like branding, communication, retail, and fashion entrepreneurship. This holistic approach prepares students for diverse career paths – as designers, merchandisers, fashion journalists or entrepreneurs.

Trailblazing Infrastructure

SGT University spares no expense when it comes to infrastructure for fashion students. The campus has specialized studios and labs for every aspect of fashion education. Key facilities include:

  • Pattern Making & Draping Lab
  • Computer Aided Design Lab
  • Dyeing & Printing Lab
  • Fashion Illustration Lab
  • Photography & Styling Lab
  • Quality Testing Lab

Resource Centre and Fabric Library

The advanced tools and machinery provide students with technological proficiency and understanding of industrial processes. Students also get access to a rich library with books, magazines and digital resources for research.

Strong Industry Connections

A unique advantage of SGT University is its close ties with the fashion and textile industry. The in-house fashion brand ‘Design for Life’ allows students to get a taste of the product development cycle from ideation to market launch. The University also partners with companies like Orient Craft, Richa Group and I.D. International to facilitate internships and placements.

Many top fashion professionals and entrepreneurs are invited frequently for guest lectures and workshops. The faculty also organizes industrial visits to production units, factories and textile mills. These activities provide students with practical exposure and connections in the industry.

Dynamic and Fulfilling Programs

SGT University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion. The cornerstone is the 2-year MBA in Fashion Management. It covers merchandising, forecasting, communication, retail, exports, entrepreneurship and more. The holistic curriculum combined with industry internships prepares students for leadership roles in the fashion business.

For research-focused students, the University offers a PhD in Fashion Designing program. The 3-year program focuses on honing research skills and enabling students to contribute new knowledge to the fashion domain.

Successful Alumni and Lucrative Careers

Within a short period, SGT University has produced alumni working with leading fashion brands like Zara, Ten & Co., Kazari Apparels and more. The programs have enabled students to launch their own labels as well.

Graduates can explore careers as fashion designers, merchandisers, fashion journalists, fashion photographers, quality control managers and more. The dynamic curriculum and industry focus empowers students with skills and expertise to succeed in their chosen path.

In summary, SGT University's Faculty of Fashion and Design provides comprehensive fashion education grounded in both theory and practice. With an innovative approach and strong industry links, the institute enables students to unleash their creativity and establish rewarding careers in the fashion business.

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