Malachite stone for talisman jewelry

As a talismanMalachite strengthens spiritual forces of its owner, brings wisdom. Hence it was the most favored stone is old times.

Choice as an amulet- Since the stones is often called as ‘protection stone’ and thus mostly used as an amulet. It gets the name as protection stone as it is known for absorbing negative energies around the wearer. Because of its protective powers it was used as talisman by Egyptians. Malachite is used as powerful amulet protecting mainly children from nightmares and any bad influences. It also helps in stimulating the heart and throat chakras.Green crystals work on regeneration bringing success in new ventures.

Colour and texture- Malachite stone are layered in different shades of bright green and are translucent. The Depth of the colour pattern gives it an exceptional look.

Used in Jewelry- Malachite stone is used in bracelet or as pendant which can be used for healing purposes which can be used as a talisman. At Nirwaana, the talisman collection has 4 leaf clover collection where the primarily the used stone is malachite

Green textured 'Malachite stone' clovers are placed one each at the top of the danglers. The hanging malachite stone clover is given a delicate outline frame. These collections you can check out here Talisman.

This collection of talisman with malachite stone proves to be a statement jewelry which is trendy, sophisticated and unique kind of style.


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