In today's world, batteries are so ubiquitous that we almost don't notice them. They are in cars, digital cameras, drones, bulbs, mechanical tools, inverters, ships, trains, planes, windmills, and even satellites. Anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes are the main components of a battery, which convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Throughout the years, the battery has undergone several stages of chemical combinations and implementations. Beginning with Voltaic Pile, going to Daniell Cell, Lead-Acid Battery, Nickel Cadmium Battery, Alkaline Battery, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and finally Lithium-ion battery.

The use of Custom Li-ion Battery is quite common among consumer electronics users today. You can choose from a wide range of portable battery packs based on your needs. In addition to their high performance, these units also have quick recharge cycles. This is why they are used in a variety of industries, including the military, automobile, and aerospace. Our guide will explain some of the main advantages of using customized lithium-ion battery packs.

The size

As a result, many people today prefer compact devices that serve the same purpose. Examples include smartphones, laptops, personal computers, and mobile phones, among others.

The lithium-ion battery is lightweight compared to other alternatives. This is why it is sold in millions around the world. The lightweight design allows you to carry these batteries comfortably.

The density of energy

The energy density of these units makes them ideal for a variety of users. Even though they are small, they can store a lot of power in order to keep your devices running for an extended period of time.

Rate of discharge

The downside of rechargeable batteries is that they continue to discharge even if they are not used. This is called a self-discharge cycle. If you don't use the battery for a few weeks, you will need to recharge it.

Fortunately, lithium-ion batteries have a low discharge rate. Even if you don't use your battery for 30 days, it will only lose 1.5% of its power. Therefore, these batteries should last for years. A metal nickel hybrid battery, on the other hand, loses one-fifth of its charge after 30 days of not being used.

Cycle of charging

These batteries can be fully charged in 60 to 90 minutes, making them ideal for electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. Lithium-ion batteries are also known for their fast charge cycle.

Duration of life


A lithium-ion battery can be recharged hundreds of times because it has a long lifespan. As time passes, its capacity decreases. However, even if you recharge these units a thousand times, they will still be able to hold 70% of their original capacity. Get more info about Lithium-ion Battery Cells Factory, Click here: www.lithiumbatterychina.com

Depending on the type and manufacturing quality of the battery, it will retain its capacity after 6000 charging cycles.

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited is a battery manufacturing company providing electronic and industrial battery packs in a variety of chemistry, all built to meet the special needs of our customers. Our portable power solutions range from medical devices to military equipment to emergency lighting systems to industrial applications. These include lithium ion forklift batteries, AGV robot batteries, golf cart batteries, floor cleaning machine batteries, etc.

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