8843906285?profile=originalLeather has always been a part of our life since the dawn of times. Nowadays nothing has changed. We still use a lot of leather goods in our everyday lives. The most durable and expensive clothes and furniture are always the leather ones. However, in order to expand their lives, we need to learn how to care for them properly. Back in the day, they used to oil the leather with animal fats to protect it from the elements. But we don’t think that at this point in the human development, that is necessary. Here are some modern tips and tricks on how to clean and care properly for your leather clothes, accessories and furniture.

The Struggle of Cleaning Leather Clothes

They are stylish, you always look stunning in them and are a nightmare to clean. Leather clothes don't get easily stained by when they do, you really need to act quickly to avoid any permanent damage. Take notice of the following:

  • Always check the label. If you are unfortunate to own a non-washable garment, you need to make a fast run towards your nearest dry cleaners;
  • Never, ever use bleach on leather. It doesn't if your pants are white. The chlorine will practically burn a hole in the fabric.
  • Don’t you even think about putting your leather clothes in the dryer! It will be the end of them.

Now that we got this out if the way let’s explore the best ways to clean your leather fashion choices:

  • Never use hard laundry detergents. A good choice is a moisturising liquid face soap like Dove, for example.
  • Place a little on the stain, wait a couple of minutes and blot it with a clean cloth. Wipe everything, try to use as less water as possible.
  • A nice trick includes regular non-gel toothpaste. Put a drop or two on the spot and gently rub. Wipe it with a damp clean cloth.
  • You can easily remove the smell of perfume or sweat with a simple DIY solution. Mix one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in about 500 millilitres of warm water and let the solution soak into the skin. Then let it dry on its own.
  • Remember, never place wet leather clothing next to a direct heat source.

Keep Your Leather bags and Purses in perfect condition

Leather bags and purses are one of the most expensive and loved fashion statements out there. So as a proud owner, it is quite unpleasant to find stains and spots on your beloved items. Fear not, we are here to help you maintain the glamour and beauty of your leather accessories.

  • Again we urge you to avoid using regular soap or detergent as the leftover soap residue prevents “breathing” of the material and that will inevitably lead to damaging the exterior of your bag or purse. A good alternative is to use baby shampoo.
  • Try to use distilled or bottled water. Avoid tap water when cleaning leather goods as it can contain different particles, that are harmful to your delicate items.
  • Keep in mind that the more you use your leather bags and purses, the more stains they will get. To help the material be more sustainable you can periodically use a leather protector. Spray it directly onto the surface of the bag. Use a cotton cloth and carefully rub it onto the leather.

The Ultimate Challenge - Leather Furniture

Leather furniture was always preferred by designers all over the world. A leather couch can make a room look high end and edgy or cosy and comfortable. These types of furniture are pricey but durable, so you need to take good care of them. A common problem that most leather items have is mould. Since we are talking about a biological material, it looks quite “tasty” to all kind of nasty fungi, especially if you live in a humid country like the UK. How to protect your leather furniture in your Bournemouth beach house during the wet months, you ask? Well, we have the perfect cleaning solution for you, and it is so simple you can do it yourself:

  • Grab a bowl and mix in it one cup of rubbing alcohol with one cup of water.
  • Dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture, and wipe clean the moulded places.
  • You can use a mild liquid soap containing germicide and warm distilled water to remove the more persistent mould spots.

In conclusion, you can use all of the cleaning advice on one or more different leather items, just remember to always read the labels and the manufacturer's instructions.

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