Learn How to Wear your Handkerchief in Style

bigstockphoto_suit_with_handkerchief_4641595.s600x600.jpg?width=248In past decades, men's fashion has seen many changes, with some totally contradicting the past fashion items. However, midst all fashion changes, on little item remained its position in men’s fashion industry. Yes, you are thinking it right, its Handkerchief, which is worn in breast pocket of a coat. From the beginning of times and up till now, every fashion designer has supported the handkerchief, although many have designed styles without handkerchief but they have never neglected its importance. Whether you are going on a formal occasion or a casual event, a handkerchief can complete your look. However, to look great in your suit with handkerchief, you would need to wear it in correct manner. The fold, color and the fabric of a handkerchief varies from occasion to occasion.

Choosing the Right Fold

If you are attending a purely professional or business event such as a meeting or a formal lunch, you should go for a square fold. In it, a horizontal bar sticks out just above your breast pocket. On these occasions, a pointed fold would also work. In casual events and parties, the best bet would be a flair fold because it appears totally relaxed and nonchalant.

Color Selection

Although only a small part of handkerchief would be visible in your suit but it does not give you liberty to opt any color or pattern that catches your fancy. The choice of color and pattern of handkerchief depends on the color, pattern and type of your custom dress shirt. For instance, with stripped dress shirt, the color or pattern of handkerchief should match the dominating shade in shirt stripe. In a casual event, a flamboyant, bold patterned, paisley or polka dotted handkerchief will look cool.d1f6d4b3-f57b-43da-9f21-092417acc47a.jpg

Wearing a Handkerchief Impeccably

Properly wearing a handkerchief is not a bid deal, as you only have to fold the handkerchief into quarters. Then fold it half diagonally by turning 45 degrees. After that, tuck one point into other to fold the handkerchief and get a triangle shape. Adjust the width of handkerchief according to the size of your suit pocket. Carefully insert the handkerchief while letting the triangle point sticks out. You can also stuff the handkerchief into your pocket with a poof left out the top for a more stylish look.

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