Your personality is undoubtedly improved by a good haircut. If you enjoy trying out new haircuts, you are probably already aware with the feather and layer cuts for long hair styles. These two haircut trends originated in the 70s and 80s. And a layered feather cut for long hair adds a contemporary touch while making you seem oh-so-elegant and fashionable.

Now days, both of these hairstyles are incredibly fashionable, and even famous people are adopting them. If you want to switch up your hairdo, you’ve come to the correct location. Let’s talk about how the two hairstyles differ from one another and offer some haircut ideas for your upcoming salon visit.


Compared to layer cut, is feather cut better? The fundamentals.

Although layered and feathered hairstyles may have many similarities, they are very distinct from one another. The ends of your hair are given extra attention in haircuts with feathers. To create the feathering appearance, the hairdresser will hold your hair at a 90-degree angle and shape it into a ‘V’. The length of your hair varies throughout a layered cut, on the other hand. Less time is needed to dry your hair since it has more volume, giving it more bounce.

During the 1970s, long hair feather cuts have advanced significantly. In the 1990s, the hit sitcom FRIENDS featured ‘The Rachel,’ a trendier variation of the same hairstyle. Now there is a new method for getting a feathery haircut right now. All the motivation you will need is right here.

Layered cut: What is it?


A flexible haircut called a layered cut gives the appearance of length and volume by constantly using longer hair to provide the appearance of length and shorter hair to give the appearance of volume. In order to allow the tips of the higher layers to perfectly integrate with the layers below, the upper layers (near to the crown) are trimmed shorter than the lower layers in this kind of haircut.

What advantages and disadvantages do layered cuts have?

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of split haircuts after defining a layered cut.

Advantages of layered haircuts.

I. Need less maintain.

Cutting layers doesn’t require any special care. For specialist hair care advice, you won’t need to visit your salon frequently or go online. You may put it on and forget about it; it only needs occasional hair maintenance.

II. Simple style.

Less difficult styling is one advantage of layered haircuts. Because it may make thick hair lighter and less bulky while giving thinner hair structure. Hence, adding layers might make it simpler to style hair.

III. For your good health.

For those who have hair loss or other issues, layer cutting is preferred. With layer cutting, you may always remove damaged hair. Your hair will appear attractive and healthy as a result.

IV. Increase volume.

Hairstyles with layers not only give the hair more volume, but they also enhance the facial features. The purpose of a layered cut is to assist reduce the tendency of hair to create triangles on the head, equalize the volume of the hair, and redistribute volume from areas where it is not needed to areas where it is.

V. Let your hair look better.

A layered cut will help you if you have thick hair and are tired of suffering from headaches brought on by your hair’s weight and the effort it takes to comb them. It will promote shinier, silkier, and smoother hair growth.

VI. Flexible.

Layered cuts are adaptable haircuts that may be worn in a variety of ways since they can be tailored to fit certain hair types and facial shapes. Adding layers may revitalize lifeless hair and give it a gorgeous, modern appearance.

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The shortcomings of layered cuts.

Every coin has two sides, as the phrase goes. Layered cuts therefore offer advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s move on to their drawbacks.

I. Demand regular trimming.

Layered cuts also have the drawback of requiring regular pruning. Layered haircuts can not appear as attractive as when they were first made when your hair grows out naturally. Maintaining and trimming your layered cut periodically is necessary if you want it to look chic and lovely. Let’s now examine some information about feather cutting. 

II. Regrowth of hair is a slow process.

Your hair is divided into different lengths when you cut layers into it. The lesser layers of hair will take longer to grow back to the longer layers, so if you want the length of hair you formerly had, you will have to wait a long time.

Feather cuts: What is it?


A haircut method known as a feather cut involves layering the hair to give it a featherlike appearance. This method entails cutting the hair at an angle to provide a layering look that gradually makes the hair appear lighter, airier, and textured. Maybe hairdressers got the idea for this method from how birds arrange their feathers. Just kidding, but it’s true that hairdressers cut your hair at a 90-degree angle to add texture and shape the ends of your strands. This creates the appearance of feathers. It is referred to as “feather cut” as a consequence. It has a V-cut design.

Both thick and thin hair types can use this procedure. It gives thick hair a sleek appearance while giving light and thin hair volume. The feather-style haircut gives your hair more waves. This might be a nice option if you have a round face and want to thin it out. Yet it also draws attention to the characteristics of those with slender faces.

A routine trim every two to three months is sufficient to maintain a pleasant appearance and even form your hair. Otherwise, they could appear unkempt. Feather cuts are a flexible hairdo that may soften and femininize any appearance.

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What benefits and drawbacks do feather cuts offer?

Do you want to discover the benefits and drawbacks of the feather cut now that you know what it is? Please carefully study the following as we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of feather cuts.

Advantages of feather cuts.

I. Easy upkeep.

Feather cuts may be low care, requiring little style and maintenance. This is because the layers and cut’s texture may give the hair a natural body and movement. 

II. Simple to style.

For all hair lengths, feather cutting looks fantastic. In light of this, it is simple to replicate a style on a person with a particular hair length.

III. Increase volume and movement of the hair.

The layers of a feather cut may give the hair structure and volume to make it appear fuller and more dimensional. Moreover, feather cuts may add flow and movement to the hair, giving it a natural-looking bounce. 

IV. Suitable for hair coloring.

Hair coloring is quite popular. They understand that they won’t have time to try every hairdo that is offered. Feathers cutting provides leverage in this situation. It won’t damage the colored hair but will highlight the highlights of the color to produce a nice hairstyle.

V. It can bring out facial characteristics.

To accentuate your face characteristics, you can get a feather cut. To draw attention to your cheekbones, jawline, or eyes, your stylist might add layers.

Drawbacks of feather cuts.

Now that we are aware of the benefits of feather cuts, let’s examine their drawbacks.

I. Not appropriate for all hair types.

With thick or highly curly hair in particular, feather cuts could not look well. When the layers provide too much volume, the hair might be challenging to manage. Fine hair may seem even thinner with feather cuts. 

II. Certain facial forms may not suit.

Although while many facial types might benefit from feather cuts, not everyone may look well wearing them. A feather cut could elongate your face if you have a round or square facial shape.

What distinctions do layered cuts and feather cuts make?


Two common haircuts, layered cuts and feather cuts, have certain similarities but also differ greatly from one another. Some of the distinctions between feather cuts and layered cuts are as follows:

1. Adaptability for different hair texture.

All hair textures, whether curly, wavy, or straight, look well with a layer cut. A feather cut looks better on thick and voluminous hair, although layers offer all types a cute appearance and metamorphosis.

Very low volume hair requires extreme caution because the feather trim isn’t advised for this type of hair. Otherwise, they would appear much more trim. Nonetheless, if it sounds good to you, it’s beautiful. Everything hinges on your decision.

2. Different appearance.

Layer cutting offers distinctive designs in various lengths. It increases and decreases the volume of hair at the same time. The arrangement of the layers will determine the ideal visualization.

Yet a feather cut gives your hair a distinctively untidy appearance. If you want your hair to have more volume, get a layer cut. If you want to diminish volume, give your hair a feather cut, which can enhance texture.

3. Different technique.

Although feather cuts are produced by slicing the hair at an angle to provide a feather-like impression, layered cuts include cutting the hair in horizontal parts to create various layers of length. 

4. Haircutting involves using a variety of equipment.

If different cutting tools are employed, the outcome and aesthetic effect of each approach will change.

A sharp edged instrument, such as a blade or cleaning scissors, is used to complete the plume cut, while scissors are used to complete the layered cut.

Your hair looks healthy because scissors are used to trim it into lovely layers, which doesn’t weaken it. Hair is diminished when the hairdresser uses blades to remove feathers, giving the illusion of having less hair.

5. Different maintenance requirements exist.

Feather cuts are often low maintenance and easy to style, however layered cuts take more upkeep because the various layers may need to be treated separately. 

6. Optional hairstyles.

Depending on the length and volume of your hair, there are several styling options for these cuts.

In order to make shorter hair appear more fashionable, feather cutting is advised. It will also give your hair a smooth and delicate texture, similar to how it does for you.

As opposed to this, layers in long, smooth hair will look heavier than feathers. Getting a layer cut on long hair allows you to create several looks. When the hair is long, layers will seem smoother and nicer.

The front bangs look better with the feather cut, though. You appear trendy and sophisticated while getting your locks defined.

7. Suitable for different facial shapes.

Feather cuts are often more suited for features with an oval or heart shape, although layered cuts may be tailored to flatter different facial shapes.

8. Methods for making your own hairstyle.

There is no need to be concerned if a planned event is coming up and you are unable to attend a salon. Your hairstyle may be made at home.

How should I feather cut my hair?

Thoroughly comb your hair to prevent knots. In the centre portion, the hair should be spread equally. You should collect and knot with a catcher in one side of your hair. Take a diagonal section on the other side, and give it a good combing.

Take a partition from that same side and use scissors to create a feathery downward, diagonal cut. To incorporate the hair, simply make a blunt cut straight up first, followed by a point cut. They’ll have a feathery design carved into them.

How should I layered cut my hair?

Make a ponytail around your brow with your hair after combing it back. With a second comb, trim your hair to a length of about one inch. In front of you, slant the scissors. Next, cut the hairs in short strokes.

Are both haircuts possible to combine?

Even though it’s a futile argument, individuals constantly try to prefer one hairstyle over the other. Each haircut has a certain individuality of its own. There is a method to brilliantly integrate both styles, of course, so that is true.

Your appearance will be trendy and appealing when the two haircuts are worn together. The layers in your hair might be many, and the tips of your hair can have feathery detail. Instead, you might get your front bangs feathered and layer the remainder of your hair. Each of these styles may be combined in several ways. If you try it, you will unquestionably appear gorgeous.

FAQ about which is preferable, layered cut or feather cut?

Are feathery cuts making a comeback?

Although the majority of celebs chopped off their locks last year to embrace bobs and lobs, this year is all about letting your hair grow and having a feathery, layered haircut that gives volume to the hair.

Which hairstyle suits long hair the best?

To obtain a gorgeous image, long hair may be styled and trimmed in a wide variety of ways. There is a style to suit every face shape and hair type, from layers to straight cuts and jagged haircuts. Long hair feathery cuts are the newest style since they quickly glam up any outfit.

Can thin hair handle feathery cuts?

Without a doubt, yes. A feather cut focuses on giving your hair bounce and a “feathered” look at the ends, as opposed to layers, which need shaving off a lot of hair to be noticeable. Without losing a lot of hair, this increases volume. This hairstyle is undoubtedly appropriate for those with thin hair.

Which one will enhance your attractiveness?

If you want a nice and current appearance, you may select what you prefer based on the length and structure of your natural hair. Each will appear equally seductive.

Nonetheless, consult a hairstylist if you want a dependable cut that will appear much finer. Just one that will make you appear amazing will be suggested. Everyone will thus be complimenting it as a consequence.

In conclusion.

The distinctions between layer cut and feather cut have been underlined. Each is distinctive in its own way. All hair textures, whether straight, curly, or wavy, look fantastic with a layer cut. If your hair is thick and voluminous, though, go for a feather cut. If applied to heavy, thick strands, it would look amazing. Also, you may blend the two of these looks to offer yourself a chicer appearance.

The layered cut is more adaptable than the feather cut, though. This cut may be used to create a variety of hairstyles. Feathering, on the other hand, is merely a method for giving your strands’ ends texture. Your hair has a feathery touch and has less volume overall.

Because feathering is done with a razor rather than scissors like a layer cut, it is also known as a razor cut.

Furthermore, layering might help your split ends. Selecting a layered haircut is preferable if you have damaged hair ends.

Depending on the haircut style you finally select, schedule monthly appointments with your hairstylist to maintain your hair. I hope this article about layered vs. feathery hairstyles was both educational and amusing.

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